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Spray Tanning - Essay Example

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More than 1 million populations of America go to tanning salons to get tan in one day. Of the customers, 70% are Caucasian girls and women, aged 16 to 49 years. One remarkably quick method of getting tan is spray tanning. A large number of spray tanning saloons are spread all over the U.S…
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Spray Tanning
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Download file to see previous pages When applied DHA reacts to the proteins and amino acids on the skin to produce a golden brown color. The bronzer is water-soluble and will wash off but does not affect the overall tan. It is designed to give an instant color. After the initial application a tan will take two to three hour to begin to darken. (Wittwer , 2008) After twenty-four hours it will reach the peak tan. Just as a natural tan it will fade with everyday washing. To maintain a great tan one should go and have a spray tan done every five to seven days as it will begin to wear off. The process to get a spray tan can take less than sixty seconds. Most of the saloons are offering this method of getting a tan, and often a perfect one. Spray tanning is the solution if someone is uncomfortable in applying tanners themselves and wants a UV free tan. Spray tanning helps eliminate streaking and rough discolorations, on suitably prepared skin, and is fast and simple. Generally within 10 seconds it is done. Most of the people use spray tan in the nude as the saloons are completely private, others may wear bathing suits or undies, but that's up to the person. Bronzers used can stain ones clothing, so the person should wear something dark, skimpy and made of a material like cotton. (Tillson, 2008)A consultant can guide how to protect nasal passages and mouth from breathing in the mist. Saloons also provide a shower cap for hair and eyes safety. Color appears instantly, though some of these fade and wash off since the actual shade usually appears wholly within 24 hours, with most of the self tanning products. (Ruderman, 2007) The number of sittings/ sessions will be up to the desired darkness. People's favorite celebrities like, Ashley Olsen, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson also encourage use of spray tanning by using these themselves. And not so favorites like Brooke Hogan and Paris Hilton are on there too. (Strauss, 2008)
Safety Recommendations for Spray Tanning
Following are the safety recommendations for spray tanning booths:
Eye Protection: Use of disposable eye protective covers generally known as Winkies.
Lip Protection: Use of any kind of coating of a Lip Balm like Vaseline.
Inhalation protection: Use of a nose filter that can be worn in order to protect mucous membrane of the nasal passages and also to provide inhalation protection.( John, 2006)
Some Facts about Spray Tanning
As a topical product researchers agree that DHA is approved to be used in sunless tanning saloons as mist, but has not been. DHA was not approved to be sprayed earlier on because of few of the chemicals present in the DHA solution are dangerously poisonous. With the latest craze, doctors warn that whilst the industry might call DHA a simple sugar solution, but its not. It is not an edible sugar, and no one should eat it. The government's regulations for DHA list several tolerable ingredients in the solution. It has arsenic, mercury and lead. Mercury and arsenic are truly allowed because of being initially permitted by the ministry for topical application, and these were never meant to come in contact with lungs, lips or any other sensitive body membranes area that would let it get into the blood stream. (Bennett, 2008) According to a survey, not all of the spray tanning boo ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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