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Geology Coursework 1 - Essay Example

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Geology Coursework 1 Geology Coursework 1 3. The term ‘landscape’ has been defined in a number of ways. According to some, landscape can be defined “as a portion of heterogeneous territory composed of sets of interacting ecosystems that are repeated in a similar fashion in space” (Forman, Godron, & Bertrand, 2003, p.43)…
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Geology Coursework 1
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"Geology Coursework 1"

Download file to see previous pages The most attractive landscape feature found in Los Angeles is the parking lot (cited in Ben-Joseph, 2012). Geographic data indicate that parking lots cover roughly one third of the land area in Los Angeles. Mainly built structures form the landscapes of Los Angeles. It is also found that certain types of rocks including igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks are some influencing elements of landscapes in Southern California. Natural changes to these rocks significantly influence the structure of the region’s landscapes. References Ben-Joseph, E. (2012). When a parking lot is so much more. The New York Times: The Opinion Pages. Retrieved from Forman, Godron & Bertrand. (2003). Landscape ecology: Definition of a multidisciplinary approach. In. F. Burel & J. Baudry (Eds), Landscape Ecology: Concepts, Methods, and Applications. USA: Science Publishers. 4. Plate boundary can be simply referred to a point where two or more plates meet. A plate boundary has altered the land in New Zealand. The plate boundary between Pacific and Australian Plates separates New Zealand territory (What on Earth, 2012). As per reports, throughout South Island, it is observed that both Pacific Plate and Australian Plate slide pass each other and this movement leads to a “slight obduction of the Pacific Plate over the Australian Plate” (Real Integrity Mall, 2012). Consequently, this sliding process resulted in the formation of Alpine Fault and Southern Alps. Similarly, in the Fiordland south region, the sliding process causes the subduction of the Australian Plate under the Pacific Plate and thereby the formation of Puysegur Trench (Real Integrity Mall, 2012). The plate boundary location has changed over time. It seems that such movements cause changes to earth’s geological structure and ultimately alter land in which the plate boundary is located. References Real Integrity Mall. (2012). Geology of New Zealand. Retrieved from What on Earth. (2012). Plate tectonics, spreading ridges, triple junctions. Australian Plate. Retrieved from 5. Headland is a hard feature. As Nordstrom (2000) describes, a headland can be simply defined as a land point with higher altitude and extended shape into a body of water. Headlands are comprised of harder and highly resistant rock and inlets; and generally headlands are formed as a result of sea attacks on coast comprising of alternating bands of soft and hard rock (p. 108). Ultimately, this hard feature is shaped by erosion. Cape Canaveral situated in Florida is a well known example of headland. Cliff is a soft feature. As Jackman and Wren (2000) define, a cliff is simply a rough vertical rock exposure; and erosion and weathering processes lead to the formation of cliffs. Studies reveal that cliffs are structured as erosions landforms, due to rocks that are highly resistant to the processes of erosion and weathering. Sedimentary and igneous rocks are more likely to form features such as cliffs. Royal Gorge cliffs located in Colorado is an example of cliff. Reference Jackman, J & Wren, W. (2000). Developing Non-Fiction Skills. UK: Nelson Thornes. Nordstrom, K. F. (2000). Beaches and Dunes of Developed Coasts. USA: Cambridge University Press. 6. Generally, hot air ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Geology Coursework 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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