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Geo Lab Questions - Essay Example

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Geo Lab Questions Name: Institution: Geo Lab Questions Question 3 According to geographical studies, the landscape comprises of visible features, which are found in a piece of land. In most instances, the landscape of an area entails landforms and other living elements…
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Geo Lab Questions
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"Geo Lab Questions"

Download file to see previous pages Some of the most salient landscape features found in Los Angeles include mountains, rivers and beaches. In fact, the landscape of Los Angeles has created geologic instability in the area. The main types of rocks that influence the landscape of Southern California are the sedimentary rocks located in the region. Research asserts that the Southern California region has numerous petroleum fields which are mainly formed as a result of sedimentary rocks (U.S Department of State, 2012). McWilliams, C. (2009). Southern California: An island on the land. (9th ed.). New York: Peregrine Smith Press. U.S Department of State. (2012). Minerals. Retrieved from Question 4 A plate boundary is defined as the region found at the edge of the lithospheric plates. According to the discipline of geography, there are three types of plate boundaries. They include convergent, transform and divergent boundaries. Transform or conservative boundaries are formed when two plates slide past each other along transform faults. In addition, convergent or destructive boundaries are formed when two plates move towards each other. Lastly, divergent or constructive boundaries are formed when two plates move away from each other (Condie, 2009). The movement of these plates always leads to the formation of certain physical landmarks. For example, Iceland is continually separating along the Mid-Atlantic ridge. These divergent forces are attributed by the American and Eurasian plates. This separation has led to the formation of a new crust. However, researchers claim that soon enough Iceland will be separated into two land masses because of the broadening of the crust (Harden, 2011). Condie, K. (2009). Plate tectonics. United States: Butterworth-Heinemann Press. Harden, D. (2011). California geology. New York: Prentice Hall Press. Question 5 According to experts in the field of geography, there are several types of features that are formed through either wave or wind action. Research proves that there are both soft and hard features that are formed along the coastline (Jervis, 2009). The aspect of softness or hardness of a physical feature formed at the coastline mainly depends on certain phenomenon. For example, a spit can be identified as a soft feature that is mostly found at the coastline. In most cases, spits are located at regions with shallow waters whereby there is a diversion in the direction of a coastline. A spit is normally formed when deposition occurs at the shallow area. As deposition of finer material continues, the spit bulges outwards into the sea and is more visible. In addition, an example of a hard feature is a headland. A headland is formed through wave action whereby the force of the water hits the shore forming a land mass. In some instances, the formation of a headland is also boosted by the chemical content that is contained in the sea water (Haslett, 2009). Jervis, P. (2009). Physical features. United States: Folen Press. Haslett, S. (2009). Coastal systems. New York: Routledge Press. Question 6 It is factual that hot air balloons operate on the certain physical principles. When the amount of lift in the balloon surpasses gravity, then, it moves upwards. According to most physical theories, hot air balloons are supposed to be launched in the morning. This is because the stable winds allow the balloon to operate effectively. Since balloons move with air, most pilots ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Geo Lab Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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