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Investigation of 2 evidences of the climate conditions of the last Deglaciation - Research Paper Example

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Investigation of 2 Evidences of the Climate Conditions of the Last Deglaciation Name of Student Institution of Learning Introduction Through changes in climatic conditions, the process of deglaciation occurs. Under such process, the ice melts and drains into the oceans, forming certain geological features, which are distinctive enough to attract divergent debate on their formation (Anderson & Anderson, 2010)…
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Investigation of 2 evidences of the climate conditions of the last Deglaciation
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Extract of sample "Investigation of 2 evidences of the climate conditions of the last Deglaciation"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the paper presents an investigation of evidences and uses them to make inferences about the impacts of the last deglaciation away from the margin of the ice sheets, especially the formation of Scablands. Arguments from the Documentary In the documentary, the author attributes their formation to gradual soil erosion through the actions of rivers (NOVA, 2005). It is also assumed that it was formed by the action of glaciers during the ice age. Under the assumption, enormous sheets of gradual-moving ice that originated from Canada curved new landscape as it moved down-hill (NOVA, 2005). According to Harlen Bretz’s theory that reflected the scientific convention, Channeled Scablands resulted from an overnight enormous catastrophe, which is more Bible-inspired, but not gradual geological evolution, which is more scientific, oriented (Anderson & Anderson, 2010). He seemed to be discrediting the geological or scientific beliefs that the formation of such landscape might have resulted from a gradual process that would last for a long time. The Use of Scientific Evidence to Reconstruct Conditions of the Last Deglaciation According to Edmiston, Scablands are some of the prehistoric features (Edmiston, 2005). He argues that Pardee was among the early geologists to offer explanation regarding the formation of Scablands (Edmiston, 2005). He was of the opinion that the features might have resulted from the actions of ice-age glaciers. Particularly, glacial erosion could be responsible for the formation of such features (Soennichsen, 2008). In fact, he argued that normal erosion could not explain the formation of Scablands. He categorically explained that the deep gorge, large portholes resembling small lakes and sharp hanging dry falls are scientific evidences of glacial erosion (Bretz, Smith & Neff, 2006). Another scientific evidence to reconstruct Bretz’s theory was the enormous discharge from glacial lakes such as Missoula could yield such great volume of water, which might be responsible for the formation of channeled Scablands (Geological Survey, 2010). Later, scientists, through the analysis and application of hydrological principles, discovered that open-channel hydraulics was consistent with Bretz’s qualitative observations. Therefore, Bretz got support from the scientific evidence (Bretz, 2003). The other scientific evidence was the Columbia gorge that the scientists believed had significant discharge attributable to channeled Scablands (Summerfield, 2001). Yet, in different and convincing evidence, the geologists found another large lake believed to have been formed from glacial activities (Young & Stearley, 2008). The lake is situated in the West of Montana. Evidently, it empties catastrophically due to glacial actions (Burr, Carling & Baker, 2009). Subsequently, its waters spill over into the Scablands through the channels. The Relevance of Scientific Studies Due to the nature of the Channeled Scablands, thus being deep and containing many other physical features (Young & Stearley, 2008). Therefore, the gradualist explanation offered better account of the events, which might have led to the formation of the feature (Furtwangler, 1999). The Violent and rapid assumption theory of Bretz could not have scientific evide ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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