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Effect of Alchemy on Religion, Science and Society and Government - Essay Example

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This paper "Effect of Alchemy on Religion, Science and Society and Government" discusses alchemy as one of ever desired and ever dreamed metaphysical forces that may help man to materialize his age-old dream of getting the power of transmutation of natural phenomenon in his own hands…
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Extract of sample "Effect of Alchemy on Religion, Science and Society and Government"

Download file to see previous pages Alchemy is a kind of metaphysical art through which the practitioners claim to change the nature of things by using natural energy. It is a science that has ancient beginnings in the civilization of Egypt when its practitioners tried to change the very essence of the state of different matters through alchemy. Hartzman gives a very comprehensive definition of alchemy in the following lines:

Alchemy in its more material aspect teaches how minerals, metals, plants, animals, and men may be generated or made to grow from their "seeds." In other words, how that generation, which is accomplished during long periods of time in the due course of the action of evolution and natural law, may be accomplished in a comparatively short time, if these natural laws are guided and supplied with the proper material by the spiritual knowledge of man (part 7).

The anime series “ Fullmetal Alchemist” is set in a fictional world where Alchemy reigns like a magical power. The world of Fullmetal Alchemist knows Alchemy as a source that may help them in all walks of life. In this world alchemy is manipulated in the form of subduing people, attempting to immortalize oneself and by trying to go into different bodies. It is their only science that is helping them develop different technological creations that have become part of their life. The story of the movie shows two brothers engaged in an effort to rehabilitate their bodies after failing to give life to their mother through practices of alchemy.

This is an imaginative saga of two brothers who are skilled in the art of alchemy and believe that Alchemy has a vital role to play in their life and it is the art through which they could even enliven the dead. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Effect of Alchemy on Religion, Science and Society and Government Essay, n.d.)
Effect of Alchemy on Religion, Science and Society and Government Essay.
(Effect of Alchemy on Religion, Science and Society and Government Essay)
Effect of Alchemy on Religion, Science and Society and Government Essay.
“Effect of Alchemy on Religion, Science and Society and Government Essay”.
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