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Many occupations in traditional India were controlled by specific castes, and caste status might govern such details of everyday life as access to health care, among others. The Hindu caste system is a “division of society based on occupation and family lineage” (Jayaram,…
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Religion and Science
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Religion and Science Many occupations in traditional India were controlled by specific castes, and caste status might govern such details of everyday life as access to health care, among others. The Hindu caste system is a “division of society based on occupation and family lineage” (Jayaram, 2010, par. 7). Tradition acknowledged the caste system as based on birth and the practice of nontraditional forms of technological developments in science would have significant effects on those who could avail or offer their services depending on the social strata or the main castes recognized by the traditional Hindu society.
According to Robinson (2010), the caste system was “abolished by law in 1949, but remains a significant force among Hindus throughout much of India” (par. 2). The system, then, determines and defines the type of profession a person undertakes.
Pharmacy today encounters diverse issues which conflict with religious practices. Some religions do not accept prescriptions for contraceptive bills due to abortion related concerns. In an article written by Lagorio (2004, pars. 4 & 5), “across the country, more and more pharmacists are refusing to fill prescriptions for religious reasons. South Dakota, Arkansas and Mississippi even have refusal clauses on the books. And 13 other states are considering mixing medicine with morality”.
The role of pharmacists in current society is critical in ensuring that patients are duly educated on the medications they take. Pharmacists are “responsible for ordering and dispensing drugs and medications, and advising both patients and doctors about possible drug interactions.  They also consult with patients to make sure that patients understand how to use their prescription drugs as well as which side effects might occur as a result of these medications” (QandAs, n.d., par. 2). As such, they should be objective but respectful of the cultural and religious orientation of the patients they serve.
For people who are not covered by prescription insurance plans, the most that pharmacists can do is to determine from among the list of generic medicines which is available at the minimum cost without sacrificing efficacy of the medications.
For pharmacists who are faced with the dilemma of balancing religion and science, the advice of Liz Ryan is simply to find another job, if possible. From her article, she averred that “the issue with pharmacists is trickier, involving, as it does, the uncomfortable implication that the religious beliefs of one group should somehow trump the legal rights of another -- or even subject customers to unsolicited, over-the-counter lectures on moral matters. (In this regard, her contention is) for pharmacists who decide that they can no longer balance their religion with the requirements of work is this: take heart: Theres a big wide world of alternate professions and employers -- some of which are waiting just for you” (2005).
It is always best to remember that it is always the personal beliefs of the person that must be taken into consideration in determining the career for life. The field of endeavor likewise dictates the manner with which people interact with others. When tradition has been ingrained in one’s personal identity as it affects all facets of life, then one must ensure that the choice of profession is congruent with the values and beliefs that one is accustomed to. Only then can a balance in religion and science be justified.
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