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Religion and Science - Essay Example

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An important point to note is that, religion derives the understanding of facts and events from the mere idea of belief and faith…
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Religion and Science
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Extract of sample "Religion and Science"

Download file to see previous pages However, in the midst of all those controversies, there are individuals who try to establish a compromise between religion and science. This paper will include the explanation of two quotes, in light of Kenneth Miller’s ideas and thereafter my critical comments regarding the quotes.
The first quote to be explained will come from the third chapter of Millers’ book Finding Darwinian’s God, known as ‘God the Charlatan’ (Miller 57). Miller, as a Roman Catholic and as a Biologist, tries to bring a compromise between religion and science. In the third chapter, there is a statement “…creation science … and religion…deserves…intellectual wastebasket, (Miller 67). Here, Miller argues against creation science, since it is limited on the idea that the universe in its entirety as a creation of God, cannot borrow other theories that in its explanation, and most importantly the evolution theory. Miller does not choose sides when it comes to understanding the universe in terms of religion and science. In the statement, he proves that it is not pragmatic or realistic to apply creation science as the ultimate explanation of events taking place on earth. Miller purports that, creation scientists, mislead in terms of applying the version of religious creation to help in understanding the universe. From the statement, Miller further points out that creation scientist entangle the chances of understanding the universe through both science and religion. As a pragmatist, who understands and appreciates religion and science, Miller, affirms on the idea of kicking creation science into wastebaskets. Miller is lead to that idea to the fact that creation scientists embrace God only through disowning science (Miller 80).
Miller is a pragmatic individual, has embedded in him religion and science. He understands that understanding the universe, cannot be based on only religion as creation scientist try to claim (Miller 60). When ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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