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An Alternative To Rawls Difference Principle - Essay Example

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The ideas of justice, fairness, and equity have received treatment and elucidation. The paper "An Alternative To Rawls Difference Principle" provides a conceptual analysis intended in finding principles and formulations which may be utilized in apprehending justice, fairness, and equity…
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An Alternative To Rawls Difference Principle
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Download file to see previous pages John Rawls, one of the greatest contemporary philosophers, has provided an answer to the question what is justice? Not discounting the importance of the various types of justice such as particular justice, universal justice and legal justice (Pojman, 2002), John Rawls has given much attention on the elucidation of distributive justice which is primarily concern with the distribution of social goods. Distributive justice “refers to a fair, equitable and appropriate distribution of goods and burdens, determined by justified norms that structure the terms of social cooperation. Its scope includes policies that allot diverse benefits and burdens, such as rights and responsibilities, property, resources, taxation, privileges and opportunities” (Denier, 2007). In this regard, this paper aims to look into Rawls’ difference principle and will also try to provide a conceptual analysis of the said principle. Furthermore, it will attempt to provide another viable alternative/s to Rawls’ difference principle. Being such, this paper will address the following questions. First, ‘Is Rawls’ right to claim that individuals would choose the difference principle in the original position? And second, ‘Is there a better alternative to Rawls’ difference principle?
In lieu of this, the paper will be divided into three parts. The first part will be the introduction where the aims and questions to be addressed by the paper will be presented. The second part will contain the discussion regarding Rawls’ difference principle. And the third part will be attempting to work out if there is a better alternative to Rawls’ difference principle. And hopefully, in the end, this paper in its own little way, add to the clarification of the concept of justice. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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