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How to be happy - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "How to be happy" suggests that it is important to incorporate the aspect of one’s happiness in the pursuit of good health and long life. It is essential to note that we are responsible for our happiness. The actions we undertake in the present shall influence our future.
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How to be happy
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Extract of sample "How to be happy"

Download file to see previous pages The quote illustrates the differences in perceptions, the complexities in the society and peace of mind that results from personal fulfillment.
Equally, people have particular hobbies and leisure activities. There is no point in life that someone’s view of life or actions shall please everyone. It is in this context that the quote becomes handy by telling people to take responsibility for their happiness. The society will always find a fault in someone’s actions, dressing, education levels, or development. It is imperative to practice what you feel comfortable in and aim to make life enjoyable.
The society has mixed characters, and we have to learn to accommodate everyone without hurting our feelings. Some people appreciate our efforts while others are jealous of every progress. Therefore, to be happy people should not care about others views so long as the actions are right. Happiness emanates from an individual’s satisfaction with him/herself. Hence, persons should act according to their principles to reduce instances of stress, acquire life fulfillment and happiness.
Precisely, life is a cycle. The actions we undertake in the present shall influence our future. However, it is important to incorporate the aspect of one’s happiness in the pursuit of good health and long life. It is also essential to note that we are responsible for our happiness. We may end up living a boring and stressful life if we seek happiness from other persons. Therefore, take action to improve and appreciate yourself. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How to Be Happy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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