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Philosophy Of Films Ransom 1996 - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the 1996 film, "Ransom", categorized as a crime thriller stands out as one of the best movies in exploring philosophical concepts. The film is written by Alexander Ignorant Richard Price and directed by the renowned Golden Globe Award winner director Ron Howard…
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Philosophy Of Films Ransom 1996
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Extract of sample "Philosophy Of Films Ransom 1996"

Download file to see previous pages Ransom movie has incorporated on camera's unique clarity of detail hence assisting the film to depict the whole scene as a mirror of physical facts instead of generating an art that will serve to profit man’s reminiscence of events. The second domineering philosophy in the film is one that touches on cognitive psychology as it helps us to elucidate on the individual emotions as the scene unfolds. The peak emotional scene is depicted where Shaker called Kate and Tom and asked them to pay the ransom n while at the same time he lets them overhear Sean crying for his parents. This, deceptively, mentally and psychologically disturbs the parents forcing them to reconsider their plans for saving their innocent son. The background cry of the Sean will activate the audience assumption of the relevant character hence resulting in the entertaining of their cognitive as the audience goes through some emotional changes. Therefore, it was through shot composition and soundtrack that were able to determine the emotional scenes that will uniformly affect the audience all-inclusive (Gordon, 1987).
Particularly deontological perspective, Shaker’s act of kidnapping Sean and shooting his associates in the kidnap plan, is sadistic and/or punitive torture that is unjustifiable (Gregory, 2013). While utilitarianisms may justify the act of killing his colleagues as it leads to a greater good in the form of Sean being saved, the act of kidnapping the boy was in per se unwarrantable, a factor that made it moral for Hawkins and Tom to kill Shaker (Gregory, 2013). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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