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The Arguments and Propels for Disciplining New Media - Research Paper Example

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In this analysis, we discuss the implications of new digital media and the corresponding changes to communication technology and scientific enterprise and particularly reflected through change within the technical elements of art. The special focus here is a cinema and considering Manovich’s theory…
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The Arguments and Propels for Disciplining New Media
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Download file to see previous pages Cinematic critic Lev Manovich has analysed the techniques of digital cinema and has argued that contemporary digital cinema is marked by the pre-cinematic movement of image techniques which shows a return to earlier cinematic methods. Contemporary digital cinema seems to be characterised by interactive narrative (Manovich, 1996). Manovich, however, claims that the digital media helps to present narratives in a new way yet considering the discussion of the central focus of digital media, narratives according to Manovich is far from the essential elements of digital storytelling (Manovich, 1996). Digital cinema seems to have redefined the identity of cinema as with digital cinema, simulation of all real events could be done without necessitating real physical space events to occur and be recorded within photographic limitations. Cinema has been seeing what is widely called a digital revolution in which the computer is used more extensively to create fictional forms and moving images in a specialised manner. According to Manovich, the essence of cinema is in ‘recording and storing visible data in a material form’ (Manovich, 1996). Just like a computer, a film camera records cinematic data onto a film and the film projector reads it as the computer is controlled by a program and records input data. To show the essential similarities between the cinematic process and the recording of data in a computer, Manovich has claimed that digital cinema thrives on these similarities as in case of cinematic techniques; distinct mages are recorded in celluloid strips whereas, in case of the computer, data is stored electronically in the form of a binary code. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Arguments and Propels for Disciplining New Media Research Paper.
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