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Advertising may be regarded as a form of communication deployed to persuade or encourage audience, viewers, listeners, or readers to take some action or to adopt some new actions. Usually, the desired motive is to change or maintain a given behavior among customers in respect to…
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Five Advertisements
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Types of Advertisement Advertising may be regarded as a form of communication deployed to persuade or encourage audience, viewers, listeners, or readers to take some action or to adopt some new actions. Usually, the desired motive is to change or maintain a given behavior among customers in respect to changing commercial demanding. Notably, ideological and political advertising are usually common. Advertising may also be a sure way of reassuring shareholders or the employees that the company is successful or viable. Sponsors pay for advertising massages as they are usually channeled through various traditional media including mass media. Some of the mass media channels used for advertising include newspaper, television stations, radio advertisement, newspaper, outdoor advertising, or new media such direct mail, text massages, or website. Not all advertisements are aimed at promoting sales; others are geared at keeping customers informed of availability of certain products in the market. Some of the advertisement that gives no reasons for purchasing the products includes advertising to profession or business, institution advertising, pioneering advertising, Obtrusive advertising, competitive advertising, and remainder advertising.
1. Advertising to Profession or Business
This form of advertising targets professionals and resellers. The media type that is mandated to carry out this form uses professional magazines or directly mails the customers. The ads herein do not aim at influencing customers directly and the products presented for advertisement are not to be bought by final users. For instance, a company-advising mortgage for the developers has nothing to do with customers or the end users. In other words, the advisement does not target the final customers. The corporate ads form part of these ads. They often target stockholders, financial institutes, employees, government, and political leaders (Phillips & Rasberry 127). The main aim of institutional or corporate ads may be to boost or establish corporate image and identity, counter any negative attitude towards the company, to promote industry’s interest in relation to some potential social or public interests. The current Aditya Birla group campaign ads would fit into this category.
2. Competitive Advertisement
This type of advertisement tries to create a selective demand; that is the demand of a specific manufacture’s product as opposed to product category. The major companies that are involved or seek this form of advertisement are innovating companies who are ever forced to show the customer the evolution the company’s product. For instance, the company changing a products name or brand name has nothing in mind for customers to buy, though; they are informing customers of the company or product changes. In this form, the customer is only informed of the product evolution other than being persuaded to buy the same. The competition is usually between or among the companies or manufacturers (OGuinn 65). The final customer is only left to make a latter choice on which company’s product to buy. The most significant form of ad in this category is the ads of social networks. They present noting to the customers to buy.
3. Reminder Advertising
This type of advertisement only aims at keeping the customers or the public informed of their products. The remainder advertisement is usually used when the company products have achieved or attained market domain (Hill 93). For instance, let assume that Toyota was producing a new model of a car, the company may make a general ad to inform his customers on how the brand look like or the stage it has reached. Otherwise, the ad is not asking consumers to buy the product. The advertisers often use “soft-sell” ads that just show or mention the name of the product as a minder. This form of advertisement may as well be regarded such product maintenance within the leadership position within the market domain. Another good example is the advertisement reminding the public over a given celebrity. Such an ad will not be persuading the fans or the public to buy his her products.
4. Institution Advertising
This form of advertisement usually tries to develop a good will as opposed to selling any of the company’s specific products. Its main objective is to improve the image of the company as well as its relation and reputation with other groups of organizations or companies that it deals with. The company management uses this form of advertisement and aims at reaching not only the suppliers, but also the employees, shareholders, end users of the product, and the public. This form of advertisement dwells on the prestige and name of the company. It is usually used by large organization with division within its customer links. It as well links the company’s products with other reputable products in the market (Boone 47). In this case, if the company uses any of its products in the ad, the company is not asking the customers to buy the product nor should customers think of buying the same product in the advert.
5. Obtrusive advertising
Obtrusive advertising is a form of advertisement where the traffic is compelled in viewing ads. An example of advertisement is popunder and popup advertising. This form of advertisement also aims at reminding the customers of the availability of company product in the market (Corbett 30). Generally, in this ad there is a complete mismatch betwixt the product and viewers. Therefore, there are no ways through which customers or viewers of such ad will be influenced to buy such product. Notably, these adverts are irrelevant to the viewers.
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