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Advertising principles & Strategy Report - Research Paper Example

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For an advertisement to yield the required result, several principles and strategies should be employed. According to Lee & Johnson (2005, p. 10), advertising principles and strategies are wide and dramatic…
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Advertising principles & Strategy Report
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Extract of sample "Advertising principles & Strategy Report"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the paper would analyze each chosen advertisement by looking at the relevant of the idea of sustainability. The five advertisements identified in this paper would be analyzed and critiqued through their strategies by using the Bernbach’s ROI model. This model devotes itself to maintaining high standards of an advertisement (Horn 2006, p. 4). The print adverts explored in this paper are the caravan world magazine, the caravan world yearbook, camper trailer Australia, caravanning and motorhome magazine, and caravanning Australia magazine. Each of these print adverts has specific characteristics that distinguish it from the others.
This advert promotes caravans made by this company that could be used for hiking. The target audience of the advert is the group of individuals aged between 25 years and 50 years especially those with small kids. It does this through the notion of caravan parking at any place where the children and adults can have fun.
For an advert to be effective, it has to be relevant to the target audience. The message in the advert is very relevant to the target audience. This is because it informs the audience on the strength of the product, which is the ability to be conveniently parked at any place. The advert has an inter mix of colors and natural features. According to Besser (2005, p. 3), pictures of natural features and other attractive sites unfolds unique history that can result to a distinguished form of attractiveness. However, attractiveness of features depends on the target audience. The color and features used in this advert is very relevant to the target audience. This is because the group of people with the age bracket of 25 years and 50 years are highly attracted by colors and natural features.
However, the advert fails in terms of originality and sustainability. The advert contains several features, varied groups of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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