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Optimism: The Best is Yet to Come or Already Has Come - Essay Example

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This essay explores the meanings behind optimism. Optimism pertains to a philosophy where everything will happen for the best or the best is already here; without critical thinking skills, this can lead to gullibility, lack of foresight, and decreased motivation…
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Optimism: The Best is Yet to Come or Already Has Come
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Download file to see previous pages Optimism can be considered a philosophy or belief when it is the dominant mindset of a person in their worldview and experience. For example, no matter what bad occurrence happens to Jim, he believes that the situation could have been much worse or maybe it happened for a reason. Optimism also dismisses all negative thinking. When asked if a glass is half-empty, an optimist will concur that it is half-full. When asked why God will allow evil to happen, an optimist will argue that God has a reason for allowing evil to co-exist with goodness. Moreover, optimism does not waver. Many people can go through a bad experience that will bring about grief or anger, but after letting go of their emotions, they can control themselves and focus on the positive. These types of people allow themselves to feel sad, but like Confucius, they do not allow themselves to sink into depression. Optimism, like any belief, can go too far and result in gullibility, lack of foresight, and poor motivation. An optimistic person may be too naive that they will be a victim of liars and cheats. As a result, this person may be a psychological punching bag. Furthermore, optimism can make people lose sight and lack critical planning. After all, these people believe that the best will come or the best already has come. This thinking does away with the need to prepare for the future. There is a saying that it is alright to believe that God will protect one’s belongings, but it is better to provide security measures just in case. Finally, although optimism can drive people to pursue their goals, some people may use optimism to keep the status quo. These people are not motivated to change themselves or their circumstances since they consider the best possible scenario as already being in place (“Optimism”).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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