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This is about what your life would be like not being as you are now. Imagine yourself from a different background, or phy - Essay Example

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The essay is about what your life would be like not being as you are now! Imagine yourself from a different background, or physically different. Give yourself a different physical or mental identity and try living a day with that mindset. I imagine of a life where I was a woman who hailed from the African region…
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This is about what your life would be like not being as you are now. Imagine yourself from a different background, or phy

Download file to see previous pages... Indeed, my life is difficult, since I belong to a n extremely low income family, and my entire area comprises of such people. As far as my cultural adaptations are concerned, I have to comply with what the society’s elders dictate to us. This means that I need to ask my husband regarding the changes in living conditions which come about every now and then. Since he helps next to nothing, it is just me who has to follow all the cultural and societal necessities. This makes it even harder for me since I do not have much on my hands and the only income that I receive is through cutting and stitching of clothes for middle income families which I do at night. I sleep little, yet I am able to devote my energies towards my family, and especially to my kids (Quaye n.p.). My husband does not ask anything apart from food 3 times a day, which I have to fulfill as a compulsion otherwise he beats me. Somehow life is moving forward and I am doing my best to adapt whatever comes my way. From my circumstances, I have realized that life is not a bed of roses, and that I have to live through this ordeal on a daily basis, for the rest of my life. I have also come to the reckoning that no one shall help me until and unless I help myself and find out answers to hidden questions. Even though I have no savings, yet I have to save for the rainy day because this is significant for the future of my family and especially my kids who shall grow up one day and start earning. But before that they must be educated, and I am doing my utmost to make this happen. All the boys are going to school while my youngest daughter is an infant at present. After school hours, 3 of my sons work at a local retail store for 3 hours each, this gives us enough to feed the family (O’Boyle n.p.). My husband does not help at all – and this is something that breaks my heart everyday. If only he had not committed himself towards drugs and found a decent job, our condition would have been so much better. Yet this never came about, especially after our marriage. The limitations are immensely drawn my way. I have to get acquainted with the changes of weather, culture, and the people’s attitudes and moods towards us on a permanent basis. I also have to keep a check whether or not all my kids have had proper food before going to sleep. Sometimes I skip my own meals to make sure that my kids and my husband do not sleep without having something in their stomach. It indeed is a very difficult life and I am doing my best to make things work. My limitations have increased and I know this for sure that when my children grow up, these problems would enhance with the passage of time. I must be ready to counter such a threat which is something that makes me go worried for long periods of time. There just is no respite available to counter such a threat which looms large. If only I had a little more money, perhaps my mind would start functioning in a much positive fashion. But things are like that – few and worrisome. I can only wish for a life which will make my family succeed but as things are now, this does not seem to be a probability. I cherish for a life where there is instant result for someone who does good and quick consequence for ones who forget their responsibilities and commit to their own good. I hold my husband responsible for making our lives miserable. Even though he spends quite a depressed life himself, but at least he could have or still can do something better to make ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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