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Knowledge and Skills in Author's Dream Career as a Military Member - Case Study Example

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The paper describes optimizing my talents and potentials in all aspects of my being – my personal life, education and learning, and career. I continue to be a good mother and pursue a stable and happy family life. I shall complete my education to arm me with knowledge…
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Knowledge and Skills in Authors Dream Career as a Military Member
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Extract of sample "Knowledge and Skills in Author's Dream Career as a Military Member"

Download file to see previous pages I have come a long way in terms of career. From a 15-year-old teenager working at McDonald's to being a veterinary technician, ballroom instructor, mechanic, airborne communication staff, and now a proud member of the Air Force. In all the jobs I have held, I have taken away knowledge and skills and relevant lessons in life. The past 17 years as a worker has wizened me up, add to that my pursuit of continuous schooling. As a member of the Air Force, I get deployed to dangerous places which challenge my skills as a tactician. My training as a soldier has equipped me with much courage, as I know I look at death in the eye while fighting for the common principles my comrades stand for. My being a woman posts as a greater challenge for a soldier torn away from her family, a mother, at that. However, I know these are essential to the goals I need to fulfil for my career. To secure a post as a commissioned Air Force officer. It would give me an opportunity to partake in the creation of rules which prevent our troops from being subjected to useless training and bureaucracy. I expect to be commissioned by 2011. To be a leader in my field. With the knowledge, skills and overcome challenges that came with my vast experiences, I now embark on a mentorship role for future soldiers in the Air Force. By 2021, I shall train my protégés in a career I have loved for so long and pass on the knowledge I have held on to for years. I shall create innovative strategies and leave my mark as an effective and efficient leader. I shall be an authority in airborne communication. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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