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Contributions of Nature and Nurture in the Development of Personality With Reference To Psychological Theories and/or Studies - Essay Example

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This essay declares that personality refers to the habitual or ingrained ways of functioning psychologically that emerge from a person’s history of development and which characterize the person’s style with time both as a young person and adult. …
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Contributions of Nature and Nurture in the Development of Personality With Reference To Psychological Theories and/or Studies
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Extract of sample "Contributions of Nature and Nurture in the Development of Personality With Reference To Psychological Theories and/or Studies"

Download file to see previous pages According to the paper, nature refers to heredity or genetic inheritance while nurture has a lot to do with the environment. The debate on whether nature or nurture has greater effect on personality development has almost been perfectly argued and supported by each side of the divide. Simply stated, each side has emphasized very essential details and great explanations for why heredity or environment controls personality development. Experiments and researches have been carried out on these two sides, and each supported with remarkable theories which explain why nature or nurture is the more important influence on personality development. A good number of scholars believe that nature is what determines individuals’ personalities, appearances, and other traits because it is hereditarily passed down. Furthermore, any issue that concerns traits depends on the concept of inborn biology. Most parents believe that any bad behavior or trait obtained by their children is due to bad parenting although in actual sense it may be due to biology and genes running through the family. Therefore, John Locke’s belief on tabula rasa, which states that the mind starts as a blank slate, has been refuted by some scholars and a conclusion that newborns do not have blank slates of personality, but rather have a set of genetically inherited traits has been made. In some way, nature is the gift of genetics, which gives people physical traits such as eye color, hair color and body form. At the same time, it determines the type of emotions and motivations that individuals will experience, which can be endless. In fact, unless there is change to a person’s genetic material, no new emotion can be experienced.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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