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The Possibility of Ethical Leadership, Pro and Con - Essay Example

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The concept of ethics is one which continues to create controversy, specifically because the definitions, ideologies and approaches vary according to different individuals. When looking at the aspects of ethics and leadership, the issue becomes more complex…
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The Possibility of Ethical Leadership, Pro and Con
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Download file to see previous pages The pros and cons of ethical leadership are then dependent on belief systems, definitions and current trends in society. Understanding how these influence others within a society helps to create and define several aspects of those that are considering the practice of ethical leadership. The concept of ethical leadership is one which is currently considered a central issue among businesses, educational systems, institutions, politics and other areas where leaders are required. The history of ethical leadership begins with types of leadership values which have been defined in each of these segments. This is inclusive of characteristic tests, such as kindness, sobriety and altruism. This aspect of leadership is often referred to as the 10 commandments of leadership. The concept continues with values which individuals have when becoming leaders, including ethical and moral values of the individual as well as strategic positions which each use with personal and social behaviors that are able to influence those in the surrounding area. The ethical definition is one that is then based on how one interacts with others and the characteristics which an individual has to influence others that are within a specific social status (Ciulla, 2004). The defining points of leaders in any situation also give question to the pros of having the characteristics and ideologies of belief systems among leaders. ...
This is combined with the ideology of personalism, in which the leader is able to become a servant leader while working with others. By having a sense of morality among those, there is the ability to transform and empower others that are in the surrounding environment while helping to change the understanding of the vision and the actions which are taken among those who are a part of the community and which have a personal relationship to those that are in power (Whetstone, 2002). Another aspect that is currently a part of ethical leadership is based on the ability to create standards for upholding representations of integrity, sincerity and value. Businesses have created a general stigma in relation to the ethics that are withheld at a global level, specifically through standards such as corporate leadership. The attribute of ethical leadership is based on upholding standards of morality in various regions, specifically which upholds corporate standards, laws of a given region and social expectations within that region. The outcome that is expected is based on the capability of creating ethical responses and social reforms that offer fair and accurate information through reports and expectations that are from those in society. These may be based on trends and standards of institutions or may be associated with overcoming challenges that are within a given region (Laufer, 2003). Even though it is expected that ethical leadership is able to provide a value base for every realm of action, there are also several cons to the concept of morals in leaders. The first is based on the concept of authentic leadership. This states that there are leaders who comply with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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