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Sandra Backlund's life and fashin design - Coursework Example

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This essay describes that Sandra Backlund stands out as one of the most interesting designers that fundamentally reflect the cultural notions in the world. Her success is attributable to the fact that she designs clothes that aesthetically functional as well as pleasing to the customers…
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Sandra Backlunds life and fashin design
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Download file to see previous pages The Swedish designer, Sandra Backlund, was born in 1975 in Stockholm where she lives even today. While she wanted to be a hairstylist when she was about 10, her grandmother regular taught her how to knit. As she grew up, she always considered it a conscious decision to start what her mother often praised her of being excellently talented; handicrafts. She attributes the absence of fascinating fashion to buy as an adolescent as a key factor that motivated her to create her own clothes from the ideas taught by her grandmother. Her desire to express herself artistically further motivated her to join the Beckmans College. In 2004, Backlund graduated from Beckmans College in Stockholm and later that year, sought financial assistance from friends and family to set up her individual eponymous label from where she has been working round-the-clock since then. After setting up the eponymous label in 2004, Backlund fully became exposed to the world of art winning many accolades thereafter. For instance, she was crowned the winner of the Grand Prix in the De Monde & Photographie in Hyeres international festival in France, and the British Fashion Council awarded her the NewGen sponsorship in 2009 as asserted by Battista. In 2010, Backlund extended her success by winning the Swedish Elle Award.
Backlund’s success left decriers and supporters flabbergasted. Despite the challenges she faced being in an industry that was previously perceived to be chauvinistic, Backlund sojourned on attracting the awe of the international fashion community. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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