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The aim of this essay is to discover Design Management for the Fashion Industries. The expansion of markets and rise in competition in commercial businesses has led to the emergence of fashion industries in order to create a competitive advantage for the players. …
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Design Management for the Fashion Industries
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "Design Management for the Fashion Industries" concerns the management in fashion. Over the last fifteen years, an increasing trend of investment in design areas by the business emphasizes the fact that design management adds to the value of the products and services. By this process, design established itself as a commercial business in the field of marketing communications and in the process proved its own commercial value. The investments of a business are not confined to one area. The various areas of investment for a business include the investment on procurement of raw materials, plant and machineries for manufacturing, advertising expenses, various investments on promotion of its products. The investment in design is one such area considered by businesses which supports the desire of achieving business goals. The designers play a crucial role to make their clients understand that the design of the business products are not only for the purpose of beautification but also has wide commercial value that helps in achieving growth of the business. The business should understand the relative importance and contribution of design in the future growth of business. The allocation of funds into design management is facilitated by the assessment of relative importance of design management as compared to other areas of investment. Thus the measurement of return on investment (ROI) for design management is extremely crucial for the business houses. Design management is not a simple calculation...
Thus the measurement of return on investment (ROI) for design management is extremely crucial for the business houses. Return on Investment (ROI) for design The measurement of return on investment in the field of design management is not a simple calculation. The return on investments in design management cannot, however, be guaranteed as it depends on the acceptance of the product by the users after the design is changed or a new design is introduced. The return on investment for a business depends on various factors of which design is one among them. Thus the return on investment is an integration of the returns obtained from the effective implementation of all the factors. The factors may be investment on raw materials for the product, manufacturing, packaging and design, logistics, advertisements and other channels for marketing communication. Also there is a correlation between the areas of investments. The ROI on design is thus dependent on performance of other investment avenues. For example a lack of performance in the advertising of the designed product may hamper the sale of products and thus it would impact the return on investment. However, the overall return on investment is measured by the increase in revenue, profitability as an impact of design. The other areas of return on investment are changes in the perception of the customers due to rebranding of the product, change in the footfall of the number of customers, development of research and innovative activities in operation, increase of market share, etc. Thus the return on investments in design is considered as an area of priority investment in the best interest of the business. Fashion Case Studies on design management The importance of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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