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Globalisation and Integration - Essay Example

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The author of the current paper states that the clothing industry is one of the most developing industries in the recent era and globalization contributes to this development. The time lapse in the transfer of textile fashions and designs from one continent to the other has decreased substantially…
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Globalisation and Integration
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Extract of sample "Globalisation and Integration"

Trendy Cloth Industry- Is There a Darker Side of it? Trendy Cloth Industry- Is There a Darker Side of it?
Clothing industry is one of the most developing industries in the recent era and the process of globalization contributes majorly in this development. The time lapse in the transfer of textile fashions and designs from one continent to the other has decreased substantially due to the formation of the global society. For these reasons, the cloth industry has become one strong platform for the diversification of cultures and trends from around the globe and that has helped in closing gaps between several countries (Jan, 2009). However, issues of employment disinterest, imbalance in the economic structure and downfall of local industries often remain unnoticed in the race of trendiness and fashion craze in the clothes industry (Graziani, 1998). Globalization and integration in the cloth industry has pushed back local manufacturers of textile products and has also augmented the trend of child labor in the development countries (Ramdass & Kruger, 2011). Tough, the evolution of technology and trade liberalism has benefited many companies, but there always remain a darker side of it which should be addressed to make it a truly beneficial industry for small enterprises and individuals too (Graziani, 1998).
A common practice today in the cloth industries is the use of media for brand promotion. This is also the fruit of globalization and integration in businesses, which has shown enormous tools to reach the market first. This has increased customer awareness about all latest brands and design in the market and has given more flexibility in customer’s choice. Moreover, companies have been able to market internationally due to the technological enhancement which brings all the people at one common platform (Jan, 2009). The use of billboards’ advertisements and promotion through magazines, and social media gives more hype to the brand name and builds customer motivation. However, the matter of concern arises when the company charges extra to customers for covering their heavy expenditures of marketing and advertisements. Therefore, the same quality of product is then available at much higher prices than its actual cost (Jan, 2009).
Taking parallel the rising competition in the market, companies cannot keep a big margin of profit in their textile products and thus chooses ways of child labor and minimal health precautions to reduce their overall expenditures. The term relocation has become very common in the cloth industrial, where a company takes services from developing and low economy countries for cheap labor (Graziani, 1998). A report by the International Labor Organization tells that many Multi National clothes industries utilize child labor for services of weaving and fabric stitching. Moreover, many governments have not been able to introduce measures for local cloth industries, which have been neglected after the arrival of big names in their countries. The employment levels in the industry have also been changed because of merging company’s product with other companies’ services. This has decreased the employment ratio in many textile manufacturing companies as the employment levels are now divided between several companies rather than within a company (Plastina, 2009). Also, the interest of employees is often compromised due to the increase concern on sales growth due to fashion following and producing larger volumes of textiles for meeting the global needs (Graziani, 1998).
To summarize all arguments the point can be raised that objectives of fashion following and going international in the cloth industry should also be seen from a ground level perspective. The loop holes of employee and human resource management are evident in the cloth industrial sector. Large enterprises and government should try to counter these issues to make the cloth industry globally beneficial.
List of References
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