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This essay describes short biographical essay will review the life and musical career of the great black artist called Andre Crouch. Andréa crouch is one of most recognized first black gospel artist and songwriter to appeal to religious and secular audiences across different races…
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Andre Crouch and his significance to gospel music
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Andre Crouch and his significance to gospel music
Andréa crouch is one of most recognized first black gospel artist and songwriter to appeal to religious and secular audiences across different races. Crouch became a Christian at 9 years which gave him an opportunity to be a pianist at his church. He made his debut as a gospel singer with the Church of God in Christ Singers. He organized a group in high school known as the Disciples. The group toured in different places with Andrea the lead singer and pianist. His first album Take the Message Everywhere was released in 1971. He later recorded twelve albums featuring gospel music.
Andrea formed the Andrea Crouch Choir that performed and collaborated with other singers. Andrea’s Christian songs have been performed by other artists like Paul Simon, musical groups and church choirs. He is known as the father of modern gospel music because he expanded gospel music to include other genres like R&B. He is regarded as one of the first black gospel artist to crossover to mainstream contemporary Christian music. His songs are popular hymns in churches across the world.
Andrea Crouch had a variety of achievements which include a series of awards thanks to his successful song writing abilities. Some of these awards include the Grammy awards in 1975, 1978, 1980 and 1981. He also received an award for solo efforts. His other achievement is the formation of Church of God in Christ singers in high school, a group that was successful during his time. He attended Valley Junior College before taking courses at Life Bible College. Andre’s signature style was the use of contemporary music styles which brought contemporary Christian music in church.
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