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Stress coping, social support and quality of live for a patient who suffered stroke and partner (husband) that had to give up his job to look after his partner - Essay Example

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She has suffered the stroke on the left side of her brain and her speech has been affected. Prior to the stroke, Sandra smoked 30 cigarettes a day and her diet was made up of convenience food; she has a BMI of 35…
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Stress coping, social support and quality of live for a patient who suffered stroke and partner (husband) that had to give up his job to look after his partner
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Extract of sample "Stress coping, social support and quality of live for a patient who suffered stroke and partner (husband) that had to give up his job to look after his partner"

Download file to see previous pages Sandra is unable to speak at this time which also means that she cannot work; her husband has to quit work so that he can take care of her. The purpose of this discussion is to design information that can help Sandra and her husband cope with what has happened and insure that they will have a quality of life.
According to The Stroke Association (2009), there are many psychological changes that a person can experience after a stroke. Depression is a common result because a person must deal with physical changes that are different from what they experience before the stroke. Many people are not assessed for depression so it is a good idea for Sandra to have an assessment for depression. Fear and anxiety can affect an individuals psychological well-being because they have lost the ability to use part of their body or they have been affected in other ways. In Sandras case, she is unable to speak and she has lost the use of her right side. Sandra will need to adjust to this situation in order to be successful in rehabilitation.
Although each stroke is different, because Sandras left side of her brain has been affected, she may experience outbursts of anger or she may find herself crying for no known reason (Stroke Association, Fact Sheet 10, p. 1). These bursts of anger and crying are often linked to their frustration of not being able to take care of themselves for their daily needs (Ryan, 2009, p. 1806). Many stoke victims have a loss of sexual desire, and perceived loss of control or "the relinquishing of defined roles" of their daily routine. (Thompson and Ryan, p. 1807).
The family is also affected because initially it is a shock. Most people do not feel that they are going to have any health problems and a stroke happens suddenly and dramatically. Family members may also feel a sense of loss because the person they have known and loved is now different. The doctors cannot really determine how much recovery a person will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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