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This paper "Effects of the iPhone on the Americans" focuses on the fact that the iPhone was not the first smartphone as other manufacturers had smartphones, however, the consumer adaptability and use placed it above other smartphones. The iPhone was introduced during the MacWorld Expo 2007.   …
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Effects of the iPhone on the Americans
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Effects of the iPhone on the Americans
It is stunning to imagine how life was before the introduction of the Smartphone, the iPhone was not the first smart phone as other manufactures had smart phones however, the consumer adaptability and use placed it above other smart phones. The Iphone was introduced during the MacWorld Expo 2007 in San Francisco but was launched six months later. In a keynote speech, the then CEO, Steve jobs gave the public a glimpse of the Iphone, three devices combined to come up with an innovative product; I pod fully touch screen, phone and VoIP (internet communicator). In the words of Steve Jobs he said, “Today we introduce three innovative products. The first is a widescreen iPod with touch controls. The second is a revolutionary phone and finally a breakthrough internet communication device (VoIP). An iPod, phone, this device will be called the iPhone. Apple will reinvent the phone.” (Seven years Ago Today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone).
Apple’s iPhone has reinvented mobile phone technology. Iphone is compatible to integrate with the modified Apple TV that allows for wireless connectivity to the screen. The iPhone offers the best email mobile messaging phone; it offers a full screen browsing with a multi touch screen. Any smart phone manufacturer may NIL the revolutionary and innovative screens and the technology with which it is made. Iphone possesses some of the best and amazing features and has easier user adaptability. The iPhone has a smooth, elegant metallic finish, which makes it long lasting and light. In addition, the software features are user friendly, compatible to other Apple products such as the Mac, iPad and iMac and well-guarded against virus attacks. The iPhone has incorporated advanced technology; 3G enabled, high processing power thus increasing the speed, Wi-Fi support, high resolution camera and Bluetooth technology (Boudreaux T., Programming the iPhone User Experience. O’Reilly, 2009 Pp 10-11). People have adapted to the use of iPhone because they are guaranteed of the quality and technology that iPhone possess. Its multi-functionality is only of the many features that have made people adore the phone. For the first time, consumers had the experience of mobile browsing as if it was web browsing especially with the pinching and zooming experience. Their mobile safari was a distinct feature among the smart phones. Iphone has advanced innovations appellant to the clientele; use of oft-lost stylus, accelerometers and auto correcting software keyboard (The iPhone turns Four: How it has Changed us, Jeffrey Sass).
In 2014, Apple has earmarked to upgrade the latest version of mobile operating system, the iOS 7 for use in iPhones and iPads (Busch’s D, Canon Power Shot G1 X Guide to Digital Photography, Pp. 227). Upgrade has been initiated towards improving the fingerprint sensor. In the iPhone 5s, apple has modified the camera resolution; it will use the High-Dynamic Range. Iphone has redefined user experience by satisfying consumer demand for entertainment. Apple placed iPhone at the heart of the scene by integrating iPod to the iPhone. A user can download iTunes and generate music albums. The iPhone has affected different segments of the American citizenry; entrepreneurs use the iPhone to access event's calendars, contract and business proposal, event organization and internet connectivity (Boone L, Kurtz D, Contemporary Business, 2011 Pp101). I phone’s stylish and attractive designs is a selling point to the young people, different cases and ambience is attractive to the young due to the case color’s (Kooijmans A., Parziale L, Barosa R., Ellis D, Goyal A., Riva F., Yoshimura K., IBM R., System Z on the Go: Accessing z/OS Smart phones,2010 Pp 7). The iPhone with its fair, style and aesthetic has been at the core of Apple’s revenue, its success has not been solely driven by the technology behind the apps but also its simplicity, elegance and exciting approach to design has lured users to alter their mobile device behavior (How has the iPhone changed cell phone use? Science Channel).
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Seven years Ago Today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, Eric Silvka, 2014 Read More
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