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How the Use of Cellphones Negatively Affect Teenagers - Research Paper Example

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Mobile phones, more commonly known as cell phones now, were true, a remarkable discovery made by mankind in the early twentieth century. The invention of cellular phones was, necessarily, the obvious step that had to be taken after the invention of telephones. They incorporated all those benefits that a telephone lacked…
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How the Use of Cellphones Negatively Affect Teenagers
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Extract of sample "How the Use of Cellphones Negatively Affect Teenagers"

Download file to see previous pages Cell phones can be carried around anywhere, and the network is accessible in most parts of the world. They cover a wide geographic range, making their use easier, and definitely more convenient for us. With the increase in the rate of globalization in the last three decades, it only makes sense that the use of cellular phones reached a phenomenal rate in these thirty years. The competition between cell phone companies like Nokia, Apple, and Samsung has already reached epic proportions. There is a constant struggle to achieve the position of the top seller in the world market. While Nokia reigned as king at the beginning of the cell phone era, it has lost its initial significance with all the new and efficient competition. Cell phones, while initially were used only for telephoning purposes, now have a wide range of features incorporated. They have everything from camera, games, and music to GPS, email, internet, etc. However, with all these beneficial and advantageous factors in the world, cellular phones have proved to be more of a hazard than a blessing, harming the teenagers and society more than can be accounted for.

For a device so small, cell phones are proving to be very dangerous. One of the major problems caused by cell phones is that it endangers the lives of people. Conversation on cell phones while driving is being banned in most countries because of the number of accidents it causes. These conversations cause Strayer and Drews's term as Inattention Blindness. Their research proved that “Cell-phone conversations impair driving by inducing a form of inattention blindness in which drivers fail to see objects in their driving environment when they are talking on a cell phone” (Strayer). Many people find it hard to multi-task. The problem here is, however, quite different. It is not about being unable or finding it hard to multi-task but to drive a motor vehicle efficiently while conversing on the phone. These two elements are imperative. Strayer and Drews specifically researched these two elements as their focal points.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How the Use of Cellphones Negatively Affect Teenagers Research Paper - 1, n.d.)
How the Use of Cellphones Negatively Affect Teenagers Research Paper - 1.
(How the Use of Cellphones Negatively Affect Teenagers Research Paper - 1)
How the Use of Cellphones Negatively Affect Teenagers Research Paper - 1.
“How the Use of Cellphones Negatively Affect Teenagers Research Paper - 1”.
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