How a car accident has changed my life - Essay Example

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I would start this essay by saying that it is very few times that lives change with a single accident. My case is not any different. This accident brought a sense of responsibility within me which I did not have within me in the past. …
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How a car accident has changed my life
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How a car accident has changed my life I would start this essay by saying that it is very few times that lives change with a single accident. My case is not any different. This accident brought a sense of responsibility within me which I did not have within me in the past. I would understand that such accidents do happen once in a while and it is right that one such accident shook my basis in particular and made me feel what I was doing in my life. Accidents are always sad and talking about them makes one feel even sadder. Since I am narrating the whole story here, a sense of sadness has come inside me. But I will be stating what I went through and how my life changed with just a single accident. This essay describes an accident which changed my life in a very horrific way.
As far as this accident is concerned, it happened in front of H and R block where I ended up on being a one way street. My black 1999 Chevy Cavalier was hit in the back by this lady’s car which was silver 2007 Grand Pri. There was a sudden sound which resembled more like a big bang. When I saw in the rear mirror, it was a car that was speeding up towards my car. Since I was parking in front of the H and R block, the speed of the other car came down from 40 mph to zero in just 2 seconds. This was one horrific scene that I saw but much happened after that.
Moving ahead here, I did not have any time at all to get hold of the steering wheel and do something to either avoid or at least minimize the impact of the collision from behind. It just happened so quickly that I did not realize what I really had to do. However all I knew was that I was up for something really bad. As soon as the girl hit her car into mine, my car had a momentum, as my car moved forward by about 20 yards across the road. I was shaken very badly due to this accident. The drink in my center drink holder exploded right across the windshield, leaving me full of expressions, but none that I could understand so quickly. By this time, I had to get out of the car to know what had actually happened with me.
After this when I finally came out of my car, I was left very surprised by the entire accident. I came at the back of the car to witness much damage that had happened. My car had been completely smashed in the trunk. The girl was very lucky as her car did not have that many dents. It had just a single dent in the hood where one of the lenses was smashed off of the headlight but the car was in pretty stable and drivable condition. I was amazed how my car received so much yet the girl’s car experienced very few problems. This was a point that still amazes me a lot.
I would say that due to such a tragic experience, I received a whiplash and had to undergo treatment. I was put on medicines by the doctor as well as wear a neck brace for more than a week. This was a time of finding where I was going wrong. I started to recall how I had taken my life for granted for so long. A single moment could change life and this happened all just so quickly. It changed me as a person and made me realize how I need to be close to my near and dear ones more and more. It made me feel how fragile life is and how sad things can turn out to be if care is not taken properly.
In conclusion, I would summarize the essay by saying that accidents do happen to everyone on different occasions. I am of the opinion that sadness does come in when one thinks of these accidents but then again it is always good to think about the past and explore the basis of life. All said and done, this accident is the most life-changing event of my life and whenever I think about it, I start feeling really sad about the whole accident. However I try finding a few lessons every now and then, which can be regarded as a positive aspect. Read More
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How a Car Accident Has Changed My Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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