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Safety Regulations for Plants Storing Lethal Compressed Gas - Research Paper Example

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This research paper examines the safety regulations in relation to plants storing lethal compressed gas. Three accidents at the DuPont Corporation's Belle West Virginia, the chemical manufacturing plant, actualized the need to revise the current standards…
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Safety Regulations for Plants Storing Lethal Compressed Gas
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Extract of sample "Safety Regulations for Plants Storing Lethal Compressed Gas"

Download file to see previous pages The general industry standard for compressed gas is adopted by OSHA from other regulations like DOT and it has its own set of standards like the OSHA 29 CFR1910.101 (Department of Labor, 1970) standards. These standards are not exhaustive and they need to be updated. The standards have not been changed over a period of 40 years, while the industries and gas plants as in the case of the DuPont plant have undergone major changes in the method of operation owing to advancements in technology. The 29 CFR 1910.101(b) (1970) standard deals with the compressed gases in areas like in-plant handling, storage and how the compressed gases are utilized in gas cylinders, portable tanks, rain tank cars or motor vehicle cargo tanks. They have to be in accordance with the compressed gas association pamphlet P-1-1965. The gases are not to be stored inside flammable materials or flammable cabinets. The Hazard communications standards require that the employees receive training in relation to the possible hazards while handling the equipment containing the hazardous gases and the measures to protect them from the hazard. The existing standards do not cover modern gases like Phosgene which was the cause of the accident at the DuPont plant.
The OSHA is an agency of the department of labor and it was created to assure that all employees in the nation of the United States have healthful and safe working conditions. All companies and industries are required by OSHA to comply with the following general duty clauses namely,
  • Maintain conditions and adopt practices that are necessary and appropriate to protect workers on the job while on duty.
  • Be familiar with all standards that are applicable to the establishment and take the necessary steps to comply with them.
  • Make sure the employees have and use protective equipment while at work as a safety practice.
OSHA acts when problems related to safety are recognized prior to their happening by the employees when there is a hazard when the hazard might lead to fatal injuries to the employees when the hazard is found to be correctable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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