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Effects of Accidents and Catastrophes - Case Study Example

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This paper "Effects of Accidents and Catastrophes" focuses on the fact that in the world today many kinds of disasters and accidents take place. The world has always been in a cycle of all these events together. As the population has grown many such incidents have been witnessed. …
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Effects of Accidents and Catastrophes
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Extract of sample "Effects of Accidents and Catastrophes"

Download file to see previous pages Lord MacNaughton describes accident as “some concrete happening which intervenes or intrudes itself upon the normal course of employment. It has the everyday meaning of an unlooked-for mishap or an untoward event, which is not expected or designed by the victim”.
Accidents are those events which get out of control and cannot be controlled and may cause harm. Accidents can either be preventable or unpreventable. This depends on whether the person can foresee the accident beforehand or not. Accidents can be caused by mistakes by men in anything. An example here can be cited of car accidents in which one individual may be at fault and because of this the other individual may not be ready and an accident would take place. On the other hand, accidents can also be caused by faulty machinery too. Again here the example of cars can be taken in which cars are machines and if they get uncontrollable, man cannot do anything to handle them. Accidents can be subdivided into categories according to their intensity. The intensity here can be referred to as from a rationalistic perspective because a loss of a single life can also be classified as a major accident for the ones who were close to that single life. These accidents can either be major or minor. The major accidents can be referred to as disasters and catastrophes. Disasters and catastrophes are again events which can either be caused by man or nature. It can be said that accidents can cause damage to life and property but the intensity of damage here is less than that of catastrophes and disasters. Disasters are major accidents which take place on a large scale in specific areas. However, it is not necessary that the whole areas are affected by these large scale disasters. On the other hand, catastrophes are disasters which take place on an even larger scale. Catastrophes are not limited to one specific area but they expand over to the whole region affected most of the population (Kovach & McGuire 2003).
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