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Abstinence - Essay Example

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Abstinence is a practice of refraining from all the sexual related activities. It is the only method which can guarantee 100% effectiveness in preventing pregnancies…
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Extract of sample "Abstinence"

Abstinence Abstinence is a practice of refraining from all the sexual related activities. It is the only method which can guarantee100% effectiveness in preventing pregnancies. Even though many other methods have been advocated for birth control or to avoid unwanted pregnancies, not even a single method appears to be having 100% success rate. Sexually transmitted diseases are common at present and it is increasing to alarming levels because of the unawareness about the seriousness of such diseases. 'With abstinence, no barriers or pills are necessary because the person is not having sex. You don't have to be a virgin to practice abstinence. Sometimes people who have been having sex decide not to continue having sex. Even if a person has been having sex, he or she can still choose abstinence to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the future" (Abstinence)
Abstinence is difficult to observe in life because of physiological and psychological factors. Sexual desire is an inborn train for every living thing and it is not easy to avoid or remove it. Persons with high will power might be succeeded in avoiding sexual activities. It is difficult for the lay man to refrain from sexual activities. In order observe abstinence, developing the will power is the only way and it should be started at an early stage itself. In other words, abstinence should be taught in school to prevent "young' pregnancies, STD's and behavioral risks
Importance of teaching abstinence in schools
School is a place where a person begins to learn the theories of life. School provides the necessary tips for the development of physical and mental abilities of a person. The base for development of personality or maturity is laid during the school days of a person. If the student was able to develop a sound philosophy during his school days, it will prolong till the end of his life.
Young pregnancies are common in the contemporary society. Dating like activities, encourage the children to engage in sexual activities which may lead to unwanted pregnancies. Unwanted pregnancies often put them in a dilemma whether to keep it or abort it. Moral and ethical principles may prevent the person from aborting an unwanted fetus whereas the utility and consequences of early pregnancy may force the girls to go for abortion. In any case the pregnant girl might suffer severe damages to her physical and mental health because of unwanted pregnancies.
If the school curriculum focuses more on teaching abstinence, school children would be better aware of the consequences of unwanted pregnancy and they would probably stay away from the sexual activities which may lead to pregnancy.
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