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The Overall Effectiveness of 12-Step Programs on Recovery - Research Paper Example

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This research paper "The Overall Effectiveness of 12-Step Programs on Recovery" studies the actual effectiveness of 12 step groups. The template of a 12 step program is meant to be used in conjunction with proactive behavior…
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The Overall Effectiveness of 12-Step Programs on Recovery
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Extract of sample "The Overall Effectiveness of 12-Step Programs on Recovery"

Download file to see previous pages These factors include funding, typology and current research data of specific facilitation mechanisms.
Research studies about 12-step groups and their effect on the populations using them vary in regard to sociality and outcomes. Some groups neglected in studies include women, adolescents, minorities and dually diagnosed clients. One of the mitigating factors about 12-step programs is the sociality of the groups. Through the methodology of helpers aiding in the recovery process within the addiction community, many in recovery are able to assist others with similar problems through their personal experiences. Lastly, how have 12-step programs affected the groups they have worked with? Our economy is bruised with the effects of losses from those who suffer from addiction and makes us question if there is success in 12-step programs, and what, in particular, is successful? Through research, we will see with whom and how some various populations use 12-step programs, how it works, what factors have contributed to its success and some outcomes from its implementation.
Many of the earlier studies over 12-step participation included the homogenous group of Caucasian males (Hillhouse, 2001). However, new studies are finding that this group is not the only one utilizing 12-step programs. Many believe that 12-step groups are catchall programs that are effective across culture. This often leads to changes in the format that may not be the most beneficial for those involved. To determine the utilization of 12-step programs among women and ethnic minorities Hillhouse and Fiorntine (2001) looked at data from the Los Angeles Target Cities Enhancement Project (Hillhouse, 2001). Interviews taken were at 8 weeks and again at 6 and 24 months after the baseline interview. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Overall Effectiveness of 12-Step Programs on Recovery Research Paper.
(The Overall Effectiveness of 12-Step Programs on Recovery Research Paper)
The Overall Effectiveness of 12-Step Programs on Recovery Research Paper.
“The Overall Effectiveness of 12-Step Programs on Recovery Research Paper”.
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