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Employee Relations Master - Case Study Example

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It is important to note that managing the disciplinary issues at the workplaces is a very major problem in the relations of the employees and it is also the most distinguished source of conflict in any organization. The companies should have formal disciplinary arrangements that have rules and procedures which should be followed in taking any disciplinary action against an employee.
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Employee Relations Master Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages Similarly the conflicts as well as the disagreements in the company could be resolved and structured in a way that any industrial actions or any other forms of disaffections are avoided. The company should also provide a framework which is normative for dealing and the identification of the problematic areas in the company. (Alderman 1992)
In this scenario Tim Fraser an employee at the Brinley Financial Services has been a product sales assistant for two years. His main job has been selling the company's products and recording the sales details on a database. He has periodically been visiting websites that are unrelated to his job during his break periods but recently he has however been doing so regularly during the working day. According to him he is only killing time since the other employees do it too. The company has however stopped this activity by issuing a new guideline which states that "Henceforth staff must not use Company equipment for non-work activity.
Failure to comply with this policy may expose the employee to disciplinary action and possibly dismissal." One day Tim's supervisor Maxine Tim's supervisor saw that he was on another visit and he therefore decided to suspend him asking him to leave the building pending notice of the disciplinary hearing. On the other hand Tim's colleagues are very angry and they decide to refuse to work until Tim is reinstated. However the company has issued the workers with an official notice to immediately return to their duties and failure to do so could result to their dismissal because of their unlawful action.

Strategies that was available to Maxine Salter and the BFS to avoid such a dispute.
In the scenario above there are some strategies and styles as well as some disciplinary procedures that the company would have adapted so as to avoid such a dispute. (Ashdown 1993)
Managerial styles
The company should adapt to managerial styles that are flexible and avoid the arbitrary and the punitive discipline models which are associated with a very hard management styles. The company's management should adapt a reconstructed model which is corrective and which is also associated with the soft management. In such a model there are very few dismissible offences and also the stages that are involved in the procedures gives a lot of opportunity for an employee to reform even though the process due is imperative.
By the company adapting such a model it will be seen as very respectable and also fair in all its dealings especially when it comes to disciplinary action on the employees. If this management is appropriately used Maxine Salter who is the supervisor would have given Tim who had been periodically visiting websites that are unrelated to his job during his break periods an opportunity to attend an assistance program in opposition to taking any other form of action such as suspending him in an un-procedural manner.
But if the assistance program fails then he should dismiss him if need be and such actions would be perceived to be very legitimate by the external agencies as well as the workforce. This is because the company has taken the initiative to correct the behaviour but no positive results were attained.
Disciplinary procedures and rules relating to industrial conflict
It is very important the Maxine and the BFS Company to know that any disciplinary proc ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Employee Relations Master Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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