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Human resources analyze - Case Study Example

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Which argument should be given more weight: Those based on company policy, the employee handbook, and the labor agreement or mitigating factors given by the grievant and his witness? Explain in detail.
Answer: In case of any company especially if the concern is involved…
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Human resources Case study analyze
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Extract of sample "Human resources analyze"

Download file to see previous pages Now it has often being seen that within this class to be involved with a conflict in normal life is quite a usual and regular job. So when people are coming from this level to any work place a little bit of behavioral effect will be reflected in the work environment also. As all these can affect the output of the company so the Human Resource department has to be very consciously and with lots of patience have to handle the situation.
Each and every company has its own policy of how they want to set the rules and regulations regarding the performance assessment of any employee. But still it can happen that in some critical situation employees are to be judge on the basic of situational evidence and witnesses. Like in the situation of Jesse Stansky given in the case study. The complaint against him was he has been found as hitting one of his colleagues. Now this is a serious offence and this situation implies that he was trying to influence any other worked by force and fear. This kind of behavior is a serious offence for any organization. Though Jesse Stansky was working in that organization for many years and has contributed although not very remarkable but as an average employee.
While judging this particular situation of Jesse Stansky along with the company policy, the employee handbook, and the labor agreement, the Human Resource department has to give emphasis about what other witness are saying about the situation. This is so because it is important to identify the reality of the situation and this can only be known if the description of the situation is been heard from other employee who was also present in that particular situation. In this particular case Jesse Stansky has been found in a situation with another technician named Gary Lindekin where Jesse was hitting Gary. And this has been observed by another technician who was present there. So for the Human Resource department it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Resources Case Study Analyze Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Human Resources Case Study Analyze Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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