The Dolls House: A Different Ending - Essay Example

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After Nora leaves Torvald,she gets married to Dr. Rank who somehow gets better and starts to enjoy good health.Nora believes that Dr. Rank has had all the money one could wish for,so his love for her is true…
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The Dolls House: A Different Ending
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"The Dolls House: A Different Ending"

Before getting married to Dr. Rank, Nora explains him everything, particularly the reason that she was originally drawn towards him. Nora did this because she did not want to start a new relationship on the basis of any ambiguities, cheating or selfishness. She was thoroughly moved by the selfishness of Torvald and would do anything to ensure that she does not get married to a selfish person this time. Nora had had a wonderful physical relationship with Torvald in the past. Still, she chose to leave him and marry Dr. Rank instead. Nora wanted a sincere life partner and could sacrifice her physical desires to gain such a partner. Dr. Rank, on the other hand, gets impressed by the courage, bravery and truthfulness of Nora and accepts her in the position of his bride. Besides, Dr. Rank needs some one to take care of him as well as his assets in the old age. Dr. Rank is quite older than Nora and is almost the age of her father. At the age of 70, Nora is very dear to him. Besides, Nora is happy because this time, it is not she who has to lure her husband with all the feminine techniques in order to persuade him into loving her and approving of her thoughts and desires. This time, instead, Nora is a possession for Dr. Rank who could not get anything better at this stage of life. He caresses Nora like a fresh Rose and fulfils her every desire in order to keep her satisfied. Read More
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