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The author analyzes Nora Helmer, the central character of the play “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen. At the beginning of the act, she is completely happy. Her husbands tease her as a doll and they are excited about their new job and family situation…
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Download file to see previous pages As the play progress, Nora feels uncomfortable for being treated as a silly girl. In her attempt to gain status she ends up in debt.  As the play ends Nora realizes her selfish motive and desire to take a loan to satisfy her status. In the end, due to misery, she leaves her husband and children which cannot be justified as she has a responsibility towards her family. ( Thesis).Nora at the beginning of the play she depicts childish attitude. She is extravagant in life and eats desserts which are expensive without the knowledge of her husband. When confronted she lies to her husband and with this act, we can understand the deceiving nature of Nora. She behaves obediently in front of her husband Torvald but we get an idea of her double life. She takes a debt without her husband knowledge and saves money to pay it off. She even forged her Father’s signature to receive a loan which is a secret her husband does not know.
We can see many aspects of the character in Nora. We can see her clever side, desperate side, and transformation. When she is lying to her husband and deceive him by indulging in extravagance we can see her clever side. She knows to keep secrets, take risk and struggles. She can conceal facts and is proud of her sacrifices. She brags to her husband about her wise actions and tells her husband to undergo just as many hardships for her sake. As per ( Masters) “Ibsen’s written a magnificently real woman. She's a three-dimensional, living, breathing, passionate, intelligent, hungry, driven woman”. She has a perception that her husband devotion is quite misplaced.   We can see that Nora leaves in the end due to the transformation she has and critics see it as a result of a woman fighting for equality and liberty.       ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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