Feminism in A Dolls House - Essay Example

The writer of this essay would analyze the Henrik Ibsen's play "A Doll’s House". This play focuses on the role and position of women in society and marriage. Thus, the essay would specifically examine the role of women in society and the portrayal of feminism in the play…
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Feminism in A Dolls House
Download file to see previous pages Her husband, Torvald, and her father initially control her life. She later begins to question everything she has believed in all her life. The play begins on Christmas Eve with Nora coming home from a visit. Torvald has just been promoted to a bank manager and he rejoices with his wife hoping that they shall not have to worry about money anymore (Ibsen 34). Nora is happy because she hopes she shall be able to pay back a loan that she secretly borrowed from Mr. Krogstad years ago. Krogstad, on the other hand, learns that his position in the bank has been given to Mrs. Linde, Nora’s old friend. Nora’s happiness is marred when Krogstad approaches her and asks her to persuade Torvald to preserve his job. He says that he shall reveal the secret if he loses his job.
Nora tries to convince her husband to preserve Krogstad’s position in the bank but in vain. Torvald goes further to send a termination notice to Krogstad. Later, Krogstad sends a letter to Torvald revealing Nora’s secrete. He is angered and calls Nora a liar and a hypocrite. Their house cleaner, Helene, comes in with another letter from Krogstad addressed to Nora revealing that he has returned the contract. Torvald is overjoyed and dismisses his previous insults (Ibsen 100). At this point, Nora says that for their eight years of marriage, she has been treated like a doll to be admired and played with. She declares that she has decided to make sense of herself and the environment and walks out slamming the door.
This play focuses on the role and position of women in society and marriage. Kristine and Nora are the typical presentations of women in this society. Nora and Kristine represent the sacrificial role of women. For instance, in her effort to support her two brothers and her mother, Mrs. Linde abandoned Krogstad and married a richer man (Ibsen and Archer 97).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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