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Feminist Criticism on A Dolls House - Essay Example

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A Doll’s House occurs in the context of the 19th century’s marriage life. It uncovers the traditional marriage in its raw form by exposing the attitudes and attempts at satisfactions by the…
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Feminist Criticism on A Dolls House
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Extract of sample "Feminist Criticism on A Dolls House"

Download file to see previous pages ne analysis of this book, it is notable that Ibsen exposes the suppressive tendencies of a traditional society over a woman and her subsequent struggle at defining her individuality
In its immediate impression, Torvald Helmer’s house cannot be described as misogynistic. There is a sense of tranquility that occurs in the house. A superficial judgment may describe Helmer’s marriage as peaceful. Helmer, however, manages the tranquility of the house by suppressing conflicts that may emerge out of Nora’s individuality. It is crucial to highlight that conflicts are essential for comprehensive development of a society. In this sense, conflicts are normal occurrences that help individuals shape better lives for themselves. A household, therefore, that appears not to have conflicts thrives on the suppression of a certain party. In the Helmer’s household, peace only occurs because of Nora’s insolence over matters that affect her wellbeing.
The construction of woman in Ibsen’s society is one who is dependent on the husband for her own identity. This exposes a social lie that dominates the 19th century’s household. Nora is the adored beloved wife of Torvald Helmer. On the other hand, Torvald is a rigidly honest and admirable man of stringent moral ideals. Besides, he passionately dedicates his life to his family. According to such a society, he is an enviable husband and, consequently, a good man. Nora, while relying on her societal expectations, believes that she is a fortunate woman to have found husband as modest as Helmer. For a considerable period in her lifetime, Nora does not evaluate the value of her own life. In Nora’s eagerness to serve her husband, she illegally borrows money to take her husband to Italy. Thereafter, she struggles to pay the loan without the husband’s knowledge. Although she has no job, she saves every penny to repay the huge loan. Nora strives to uphold the name of her family at the cost of her happiness. In this perspective, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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