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Women's Health. Health Care Disparity - Essay Example

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The term “health care disparities” can be defined as the differences in quality of health care, access to healthcare services and health outcomes that exist across gender, ethnic and racial groups in our society…
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Womens Health. Health Care Disparity
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"Women's Health. Health Care Disparity"

Download file to see previous pages Healthcare disparities exist in both public and private sectors. Various kinds of socio-economic factors contribute to the existence of healthcare disparities like inadequate access to care to some group of people, poor quality of care to some individuals, etc. Community features and behaviors at personal level also contribute to these disparities. It is generally found that people who belong to ethnic or racial minority groups, or individuals with mental or physical impairment or disabilities, or women may face health care disparities. Very often healthcare disparities exist between rural and urban areas. (Mead, 2008) Part B) Explain why some women (in general) may face barriers to health care. Of course, over the decades significant progress have been made in women’s health. However, still health status of women on average is not as good as of men. Not only that, but healthcare disparities exists among women as well. Different sub-groups of women get different types of access to care and quality of care also varies across different subgroups of women. (Mead, 2008) There are a number of reason for which some women face healthcare disparities compared to men and other groups of women as well. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Women's Health. Health Care Disparity
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