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Adult Educational and Training Opportunities - Essay Example

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The key characteristic of the retiring baby boomers is the fact that their quality of life is highly correlated with the way they live.In some states this population is highly diverse which results in differences regarding level of high school completed,…
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Adult Educational and Training Opportunities
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"Adult Educational and Training Opportunities"

Download file to see previous pages Research has proven that baby boomers who approach the retiring age of 65 often find themselves in good health and willing and able to work (Kelch & Harris, 2000). Hence, there is enormous potential for adult education and training opportunities for them. Keeping in view the above scenario, the dilemma lies in how to steer educational and training efforts of adults towards helping the older adults (baby boomers) maintain their skills at workforce. A training need analysis would reveal that there are three key aspects involved in doing so: preparing the in-service, current pre-professional and paraprofessional educational and training opportunities, training certifications, funding and cultural issues as well as issues in climbing up the corporate ladder (New York State Office for Ageing, 2011). Research also shows that the baby boomers tend to be more ethnically diverse and have higher education level than preceding generations (New York State Office for Ageing, 2011). Shortages in labor supply are likely to result as people providing ole age care will be simultaneously retiring in large numbers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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