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ESOL and Training for Security Industry Authority Licence - Essay Example

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This essay describes the issue of increasing number of English as Second Other Language (ESOL) learners, that has become a challenging task for educators of other fields. The researcher focuses on diversity among the community, ESOL and the security industry authority…
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ESOL and Training for Security Industry Authority Licence
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Download file to see previous pages This essay explores the topic of teaching and training that becomes more and more challenging for the educators or trainers of many migrants. The researcher analyzes the effects of the diversity among the community, that strengthens its economic and social status. On the other hand, it entails social responsibilities that involve the need to educate then effectively especially its immigrants. Continuous expansion of the European Union has brought about the increase in migrant workers struggling to fit into the new community that demands the need to learn the English language to meet the needs and the demands of the society. In addition, the researcher mentiones that learning the English language moreover helps migrants understand more the ideas that they need to know in accordance to the society’s requirement as member of the new group of civilization. Their limited English proficiency therefore implies a need for further development or innovations of the teaching and training strategies. Their difficulty in the English language limits their capability in understanding the ideas and ideals that the community would want to emphasize. The researcher then states that the increasing number of English as Second Other Language learners choosing the Security Level 2 training in the Security Industry Authority that involves Licensing affects the teaching modes such that a more interactive and transactional oral communication should be developed in order to meet the needs of the learners.
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