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Children education - Essay Example

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Center-based teaching Name University Professor Course Date Center Based Teaching Bottini & Grossman (2005) present a comparison between a traditional classroom (Grade 1) and a center-based classroom (Kindergarten). Grossman explains that pre-service teachers studying within her program are given the opportunity to observe such classrooms; Bottini, a student of Grossman then provides a detailed description and comparison of his experience observing two such classes…
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Children education
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"Children education"

Download file to see previous pages In terms of the findings by Bottini & Grossman (2005) all factors have implications to my teaching. Students in the traditional classroom were expected to sit and listen to the teacher and then work independently with little if any time allowed for interaction; whereas students in the center-based classroom (centers focused on science, art, mathematics, reading, writing and computers) were able to explore and experiment to create their own learning and knowledge with the teacher guiding and helping them. The inclusion of subjects such as art, music and physical education were provided within specific allotted times in the traditional class but in the center-based classroom such subjects were provided at random and more often, thus creating a more conducive environment for learning. The teacher within the traditional classroom wasted a lot of time reprimanding students on their bad behavior – bad behavior caused by having to sit for long periods of time with no interaction with peers or teacher, and the fact that some students finished a task more quickly than others and so had time to waste while those taking longer became agitated and disturbed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Children education
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