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Science Centers As Learning Laboratories - Research Paper Example

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The science museums and discovery centers are popular objects of pastime. Museums and discovery centers are the critical sources of primary information about science. The paper "Science Centers As Learning Laboratories" discusses how museums promote and help to construct new knowledge…
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Science Centers As Learning Laboratories
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Download file to see previous pages The current state of literature proves museums and discovery centers to be an essential source of scientific knowledge for students and a valuable practical supplement to theoretical science curriculums. Museums and discovery centers present a unique source of knowledge for students, but to guarantee the construction of new knowledge, teachers and education professionals must have skills needed to transform available scientific information into learning and link this information to the learners’ prior experiences.
That science museums and discovery centers are popular objects of pastime cannot be denied. In the UK alone, thousands of museums and discovery centers open their doors to millions of visitors annually. Museums and discovery centers develop a vast array of partnerships with universities, industries and schools, communities and scientific networks (UK Association for Science and Discovery Centers 2010). These science museums and discovery centers “constitute the only UK-wide network of publically accessible venues dedicated to inspiring and engaging people of all ages and all backgrounds with science; indeed, the vast majority of UK science and discovery centers have been created with this as their explicit mission and primary purpose” (UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres 2010). Not only do museums and discovery centers in the UK create and maintain close collaborative ties with universities and schools, but work closely with other museums and centers within the UK and abroad, to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and information between these objects (UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres 2010).
Most museums and science centers in the UK offer a vast array of events and activities to their audiences, especially students. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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