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Education: Lack of technology accessibility (internet, hardware), technology training, and personal familiarly with technology is preventing Teachers to utilize technology in the classroom - Coursework Example

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For example, Lawton and Gerschner (1982) stated that the successful use of computers in the classroom depends on the teachers’ attitudes towards…
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Education: Lack of technology accessibility (internet, hardware), technology training, and personal familiarly with technology is preventing Teachers to utilize technology in the classroom
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Extract of sample "Education: Lack of technology accessibility (internet, hardware), technology training, and personal familiarly with technology is preventing Teachers to utilize technology in the classroom"

Download file to see previous pages Schools today face ever-increasing demands in their attempt to ensure that students are well equipped to enter the workforce and navigate a complex world (Roschelle, 2001). It is a belief that the student of tomorrow must be well prepared in order to compete in a diverse job market. Schools today are focused on learning and memorizing facts. However, knowledge is almost completely fluid so what is a "fact" today is no longer true or, at the very least, no longer applicable tomorrow. Going forward, the workforce must be more adaptable and flexible than ever before as jobs and entire industries will come and go numerous times over the span of a career.
Although it may seem apparent why attitudes affect technology in the classroom, there are several factors affecting the reason why this is so. Summers (1990) identified lack of knowledge and experience in the computing area as one of the most common reason for teachers’ negative attitudes toward computers. Furthermore, Jegede & Owolabi (2005) identified computers access as an important factor in computer attitudes. The relationship of computer experience compared to attitudes has been analyzed by Harrison & Rainer (1992) . It was concluded that people with prior computer experience have more positive attitudes than those without such experience.
Given this reality, we must question whether schools are prepared for the demands of educating our children as we move into the future. Technology education must be seen as fundamental in achieving workforce competencies, especially when the competencies include critical thinking, solving semi-structured problems and reasoning (Bybee, 2006).
The purpose of this paper is to explore reasons why certain teacher attitudes could prevent the implementation of technology in the classroom. In addition, this author will exam how both federal laws and assistive ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Education: Lack of Technology Accessibility (internet, hardware), Coursework.
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