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Pre-fabricated building (classroom structure) - Coursework Example

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Despite the product initially being used in small structures, today, it is extensively used even in large projects. Schools have also largely embraced this…
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Pre-fabricated building (classroom structure)
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Download file to see previous pages In essence, despite its relative attraction, complete prefabricated construction is short-term and it is vital that multiple risks and health factors are taken into consideration when considering a complete modular approach in construction of classrooms. The health and safety risks related to prefabricated classroom construction are discussed.
This is a more likely risk in prefabrication construction over traditional method of classroom construction. Given that most of the large classroom’s components are constructed off-site, a lot of trust is put on the manufacturer to construct precisely what is required. A single error can be costly to the entire structure. A case in example is the collapse of a parking garage in Miami, Florida. The parking garage, like many of its kind, was developed using prefabricated beams. Consequently, there was an increased need to ensure that the heavy beams, columns, as well as floor plans needed were perfectly aligned and constructed. Sadly, a disaster occurred with one section’s floor slabs disconnecting and falling down resulting into a domino effect. If such were to occur in a classroom, the casualty could be high considering its population density. Although the precise cause of the garage’s accident has not been deduced, investigators believe it was due to construction errors.
Although the precise cause of the incident is still unknown, investigators believe that it was a construction error rather than a design fault. Conventionally, there is a lot of room for errors in prefab process, more particularly on arrival of pieces to the site. Areas likely to incur errors include the attachment process involving bolting together of the different components. Additionally, the tight time limit required to complete the tasks can lead to higher potential of mistakes in comparison to traditional on-site methods which are typically not associated with fast completion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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