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Modern technology in the entertainment arena has served to make physical activity such as outdoor games a thing of the past. Modern lifestyles with both parents going to work or busy on long business trips has changed the face of gaming for children. …
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Games and its Benefits
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Download file to see previous pages According to (Bowlby et al., 1983) gaming should involve physical body movements which are a very essential part of enjoying life in the right manner. Therefore, it is imperative that a physical and social entertainment system be put in place so that family members could connect with each other even while they are away from home. In this respect, a new and novel concept called ‘Age Invaders’ (AI) has made its presence felt and has served to bridge the generation gap by ushering in, an interactive social - physical game. In this scenario of gaming, it allows the elderly to play harmoniously with children in a physical place, while parents can take part in the game through the Internet in real time. Such interaction between the different family members not only helps to decrease the ever widening generation gap, but also serves to connect family members and bring them closer to each other. Quite unlike the regular computer games ‘Age Invaders’ help to bring gaming to a physical platform, where physical body movements are needed. The game involves a floor display that gives the user direct access to the virtual game, by using their body as an interface. According to (Price and Rogers, 2004) it would engage the players physically and encourages them to interact actively, thereby decreasing the generation gap. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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