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Running Head: PSYCHOLOGY INSIGHT PAPER Insight Paper in Psychology: Effect of Self-Perception on Performance Name University Professor Course Date Effect of Self-Perception on Academic Performance Upon observation of the interaction in the educational environment specifically inside the classroom, an interest on the performance of students in different academic activities had been aroused…
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Psychology insight paper
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"Psychology insight paper"

Download file to see previous pages Another example is in sports, there are students which evidently have the potential to be an athlete but others excel more. One observation related to the reason for such cases is the initiative of a person to work and excel in specific areas. One student who is always reviewing math problems tend to join activities that can enhance the skills he has. On the other hand, the student who has more innate logical and mathematical skills achieves relatively lower marks. A realization regarding the matter came up when I personally inquired the reason why the student perceived to have more potential fails to enhance his skills and he gave a response that was based on his self perception. He perceived that he is not capable of excelling in the subject matter. Self-perception then became the focus of personal reflection. This is the manner by which a person sees himself. This can affect different aspect of his behavior and attitude. Generally, it can affect a person’s performance. If the person perceives himself to be less than what he really is, his success and achievements are limited and hindered. On the other hand, when a person perceives himself to be more than his innate skills and talents, he can excel. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Psychology insight paper
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