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U.S. Responses to Immigration - Essay Example

In the same vein, The Immigration Restriction League (310) accuses immigrants of increasing unemployment and of largely being paupers, criminals and illiterates, with isolationist tendencies. The document condemns “the harm done by the foreign ideas and customs, imported into this country from the slums of Europe” (311). This is in marked contrast to Emma Lazarus's Poem at the Foot of the Statue of Liberty, which says, “Give me your tired, your poor” (312). A German American immigrant attacks the false Americanism which is ruled by blatant materialism and “looks with contempt upon other nationalities” (312). A Jewish playwright, Israel Zangwill, celebrates the fusion of all European races in “the great Melting-Pot” of America (315). Theodore Roosevelt warns against the “hyphenated American” (316) and advocates an "Americanism" based on assimilation. Randolph Bourne Promotes Cultural Pluralism which preserves the unique identity of immigrants and yet forms a harmonious whole.The Governor of Iowa issues a Proclamation making English the medium of instruction in schools and the official language of public discourse.
Stephen Meyer’s essay details the “benevolent paternalism” employed by Henry Ford, using the carrot and stick approach, to inculcate typical American middle class values, work ethics and the discipline of the assembly line on immigrant industrial workers.

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Illegal Immigration in the United States
Illegal immigration is an issue which evokes strong responses from diverse sections of society. Opinions are divisive, and usually range between two extremes. On one side is ranged the anti-illegal immigration groups which stridently call for the immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants.
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Illegal immigration: Mexico into U.S
As an example, the U.S. was inundated by two “Great Waves” of immigrants in the years before and after the turn of the twentieth century. The population of the country quickly grew by about 50 percent in just 40 years, an immense influx of tired, poor, and huddled masses yearning to breathe free.
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U.S. IMIGRATION POLICY: Bipartisan Immigration Reform Bill
US IMIGRATION POLICY In recent times, US is experiencing immigration rates in past few years. Also, a large section of these people neither abide by the regulations lay by proper immigration channels, nor possess adequate documents. The total number of such undocumented workers amount to 12-20 millions, a matter of serious concern for US.
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U.S. immigration policy
Argumentative essay on the US immigration policy Name University Argumentative essay on the US immigration policy Complexity of the immigration policy: United State of America is one of those countries whose embassies are always filled with queues of people waiting to make their way to America.
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U.S. immigration policies
First, it serves to reunite families by admitting immigrants who already have family members living in the United States. Second, it seeks to admit workers with specific skills and to fill positions in occupations deemed to be experiencing labor shortages.
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An ensemble of experts has been analyzing the story not from only medical or biomedical points of view, but also from the positions of psychiatry, psychology, etc. They even addressed to historical outlines when talking about science of ancient Greeks. There are almost no points throughout the discussion, which I would disagree with.
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Immigration and Immigration Policy Today
It has come to our knowledge through a recent study by theInternational Organization for Migration (I.O.M) that there are more than 300 million migrants around the world today. The Middle West, some parts of Europe, small areas of South West Asia, and a few spots in the East Indies have the highest percentages of immigrant population recorded by the UN Census.
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Illegal Immigration
There are many dynamics involved but seldom is the viewpoint of the immigrants evaluated. The issue lies squarely within the responsibility of the Federal government because individual states and
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Adams believes that nuclear energy do not produce much harm to the environment as other forms of energy such as coal. According to Johnson, the
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Responses to Students Posting
It is sad that some Americans claim the laws put in place are too strict for the immigrants. As much as most of these immigrants come to do aid in jobs that natives find hard to do, I support your stand that immigration is more of a security issue than it is a social one.
2 pages (500 words)Essay


In chapter 10, Responses to Immigration: Exclusion, Restriction, and Americanization, 1880-1924, the author uses eight documents and two essays to demonstrate the prevalent, contrasting attitudes towards immigrants at the turn of the nineteenth century…
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U.S. Responses to Immigration
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