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Globalization and Implementation Summary Plan - Essay Example

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The Elimination of Boarders As humanity progresses further into the future of global interconnectedness whereby communication and travel have exponentially increased, experts anticipate the construction of a singular global community. In fact, the history of government has inevitably been driven by some unique standard of globalization as evident in the expansion of empires whether the Ottoman or the Roman…
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Globalization and Implementation Summary Plan
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Download file to see previous pages The strategy for globalizing the distribution of natural resources can be modeled based on the European Model, whereby they allow specific countries to specialize in the production of certain products and materials. This allows the EU as an organization to be more efficient collectively by managing who has the comparative advantage, and decreasing the regional competition in pursuit of cooperation. Modeling the global community based on the EU allows politicians and statisticians to identify effective courses whereby they could effectively achieve a global equilibrium. This strategy flies in the face of existing policy held by the International Monetary Fund that forces developing nations who accept loans to privatize their water supply. This requires states to leverage control of their resources in order to maximize the benefit to the human population. The human population is indeed the intrinsic value of the globalization movement. The elimination of boarders necessarily means that the notion of citizenship must be deconstructed. This could perhaps serve as the best defense against war. National identities can no longer be deployed as a scapegoat to justify war. In fact, the only plausible use for a military would be for humanitarian intervention. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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