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Globalization - Essay Example

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Globalization League of Nations and the United Nations Interstate organizations are one of the most important organizations in the world. All of them resemble each other in that they consist of several member states. The most significant among the interstate organizations are the United Nations and the League of Nations like the Arab league…
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Download file to see previous pages... Both the Leagues of Nations and the United Nations have been very significant in solving international disputes. Therefore, both this organization influences the international politics very greatly. A league of nations influences the international politics of the areas where it is found. A good example is the Arab League that influences the international politics of the Arab countries. Another example is the African Union that influences the international politics of the African countries. However, due to globalization, these organizations are greatly influenced by the United Nations. The United Nations influences the international politics across the world. This is because its membership consists of all the states of the world. Although the world powers play the most significant role in controlling and funding the United Nations, other member states also play a very significant role in the operation of the organizations. Since the time it was formulated more than a decade ago, United Nations has been able to ensure a peaceful coexistence between states. Strengths and weaknesses of the League of Nations and the United Nations Different international organizations have their own strengths that depend on their internal and external factors. The strengths of the League of Nations are different from the strengths of the United Nations. For the League of Nations, ordination of members is easy and effective. This is because most of these organizations have members from the same nations. This makes communication within members to be easier thus enabling them to coordinate much better when undertaking an activity together. Moreover, such organizations can settle conflicts within their member states much better. This is because they understand the political and economic states of their member states much better than the United Nations do. United Nations, on the other hand, has a large budget. This enables it to handle the complicated conflicts that might require use of a large amount of resources. Moreover, the decision makers in the United Nations are selected from across the world. This makes the organizational leadership of this organization to consist of countries that are less biased. However, the two organizations also have weaknesses. Like their strengths, the weaknesses of these organizations vary across them. One of the weaknesses of the League of Nations in that it does not consists of many members, thus, they have a very small budget. Moreover, this kind of organizations might not have a world superpower among them. As a result, they find themselves relying on either the United Nations or other regional organizations for support. The weakness of the United Nations is that its decisions are dominated by the world’s super powers. This makes them to look as if they are ruled by some few countries of the world. Another weakness of the United Nations is that it has bureaucratic procedures. This makes it to be very slow when it comes to reacting to crises between its member states. Relationship of Strengths of the United Nations and accomplishments and failure of its predecessor According to Kegley and Blanton (142), the United Nations Organization was formed in 1945 just after the World War II. This indicates that both World War I and World War II preceded it. World War II resulted in emergence of superpowers. The superpowers have been playing a very important role in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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According to the research findings globalization is of great significance in contemporary societies. When looking at its impacts, it is apparent that globalization is transforming contemporary societies. This is because globalization has had positive impact in nearly everything ranging from, economies, cultures, information flow, governance, criminal investigation, among others.
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Such fragmentation in the origins and belonging of the ethics and moral values therefore offer a rare glimpse into a world which is shrinking. Globalization, as a phenomenon, is overcoming the local cultures, values as well as the indigenous political will of the individual.
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Globalization impacts on societies in the cultural, political and environmental systems (Held et al. 2005). It also affects economic growth and development of nations worldwide. The concept is not new since over the years, people and companies have been trading for long distances.
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Globalization, Its Significance to Challenges of Development and Key Debates. Globalization and related development were considered as the wave of the future when they first appeared to unite countries into one global economy for the mutual benefits, which presumed global integration and interdependence in the technological, economic, social, cultural, ecological and political spheres.
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The layman's perception is predominantly confined to economic aspects of globalization, which is a very narrow perspective and is mostly confined to a mere expansion of trade and investments. However, the process of globalization has much wider implications that go beyond the mere internationalization of markets.
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Episodes Three which is entitled New Rules of the Game discussed globalization and its impact in the world economy.Globalization doesn’t just involve the goods and services.Market integration also means the assimilation of countries’ financial markets.Countries like Thailand were greatly helped by the inflow of foreign direct investments.
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The term itself has only become commonplace in the past 20 years (Scheuerman, 2006). Despite the popular use of the term, or probably because of it, the word globalization has
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