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The Odyssey - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date Introduction Odysseus is the chief character of the Odyssey, a novel which records his homecoming journey since his departure from troy. Odysseus is seen to be present in the Iliad, but he has another goal from that depicted in the poem…
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The Odyssey
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The Odyssey

Download file to see previous pages... Telemachus is the son of Odysseus, and he wants to stop the suitors from taking advantage of his father’s estate. He searches for his father’s news so that they can proclaim their estate. Odysseus Odysseus is portrayed as a leader with Homeric character. He is powerful, confident, and courageous, and wants to achieve glory. Conversely, he has a character trait that makes him dissimilar from the others since he is particularly intelligent, and this is evident by his deliberations before any action. His intelligence and quick thinking helped him in the difficult situations that he encountered. His intelligence saves him when he escapes from Cyclops cave, and when he hides the disgust from the suitors; “please, play the wedding song for the guests” (Steinruck, 2008). Odysseus is remarkably eloquent in his speeches because he manipulates and convinces the audience. His soft tongue makes many people in the audience favor his assertions. This is evident when he wins the trust of Nausicca by using a comforting approach. Just like other Homeric heroes, Odysseus is striving to achieve glory from the society through noble deeds, and he also wants to go home. He is an adventures person, and this is portrayed by his luxurious life with calypso in an exotic land even though it lasts for a moment. He practices infidelity with Calypso for a short time and realizes he wants to go back home because calypso does not compare to his wife. He is concerned about his home, because he constantly thinks about home while spending time with Phaeacians. Odysseus is torn between the quest of getting home and achieving glory. Most of his time for getting home is wasted by his search for glory. He is troubled when he loses men and time while sacking land. Odysseus is a patient man “I will wait for as long as it takes in these caves” while enjoying milk and cheese (Steinruck, 2008). His patience makes him trapped in the cave when the Cyclops returns. Homeric characters are presented to be static since they are complex and realistic. These characters do not divert from their mission as portrayed by characters in modern novels and stories. However, this rule is broken by Odysseus and Telemachus. Odysseus is consumed by his quest of achieving glory, and this makes him reveal his identity to the Cyclops, thus bringing Poseidon’s anger on him. He is willing to temper his pride with patience at the concluding part of the epic. Even when he is disguised as a pauper Odysseus does not react to the abuse, “I will wait until the traps I have set and loyal people will place me at a suitable position for striking back” (Steinruck, 2008). Telemachus Telemachus was a child when his father left for Troy. At the beginning of the novel, Telemachus is still growing up. He is encountered by many challenges because he does not know how to protect the land from the suitors. Athena tells Telemachus to fight for his father’s estate as she tells him “you are no longer a child” (Steinruck, 2008). He is facing this challenge because he recently became aware of the real intentions of the suitors. Telemachus is told by Athena that his father is still alive, and he needs to go to Pylos and Sparta to enquire about any news of his father. While he prepares to make his journey to Pylos and Sparta, Athena visits him, and she is masked as a mentor. She tells Telemachus “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Odyssey
Women represent many things within the story, the greatest of which is distraction. Women are constantly trying to distract and avert Odysseus from getting home to his wife, but he withstands their pursuit of him with the intent of being faithful, if in spirit, to Penelope.
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Bible and the Odyssey
Genesis 12 broadens the three-part underdog model with two more steps that are the particulars of the generic components, outcome, and complication: reduction to the status as outsiders/minimization of the status or the deception revealed. The rise to status of the hero is followed by the revelation of the plot, the deception, which assisted them to attain the initial success (Niditch 44).
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The Odyssey by Homer
  Homeric poems have a versatile but unique version of heroism; if seen in Iliad, being a hero denotes the readiness to confront death on the battlefield, a notion that modern heroism has descended from. However, in Odyssey, a hero is one who willingly and successfully endures the roughness of life, a traditional Greek stance towards adulation.
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The Odyssey Literature Essay
This is because they are portrayed to distinguish the murderous unfaithfulness of Clytemnestra with the devoted faithfulness of Penelope, as well as Orestes, along with his sister Electra faithfulness to their father by avenging the murder by killing their blood mother Clytemnestra and Aegisthus, her lover.
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The Odyssey
It is one of the ancient Greek poems that were created during the late 8th century. Fagles translated it in a manner that makes it appealing, and he captured the author’s words; thus narrating them in lyrics. The storyline does not appear vibrant; though, the actions are plausible.
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The Odyssey
A good piece of literature dwells on the facts of real life. Real life or the life that people experience is written inform of books so that people can relate to them. From the social lives of people, to the cultural and political lives of people, they are all portrayed in the pieces of literatures that are written all over the world.
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The Odyssey
For Odyssey the journey becomes the real trial which helps him to prove his courage, glory and heroism. According to Campbell, the first stage is "a call to adventure". In The Odyssey, there is no traditional call to adventure, but it is replaced by the end of the Trojan War when Odyssey and his fellow-friends return to Ithaca.
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Ovids Metamorphoses and the Odyssey
In Ovid's Metamorphoses there is no main protagonist - it depicts about the process of world creation through numerous interactions of different subjects indicated above.The Odyssey is another example of great ancient literature which reflects the story of Odysseus's adventures and his numerous connections with humans and gods
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The Odyssey, by Homer
The lamentation of Achilles of not being able to help his father is a haunting image which also shows how the society of the time valued sons helping their fathers when they
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Reaction of the Odyssey
Gender play a very import role in the Odyssey specially the female characters, discussion in the following paragraphs involves the analysis of these major characters. There are various female characters of historical and
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