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Communication in Health and Social Care - Term Paper Example

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The author states that communication is an important and pivotal part in nursing practice. The weight of good communication in the conveyance of effective and fitting nursing care has been completely established by research and is reproduced in various policies in private and public organizations. …
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Communication in Health and Social Care
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Download file to see previous pages Well-established studies demonstrate that one or a combination of these factors directly or indirectly influence the way messages are construed on the patients’ end. Given that speech can be very sensitive in nursing practice, a paradigm that details and elaborates appropriate communication approaches are needed to achieve a standardized speech model that is therapeutically beneficial to patients’ recovery and satisfaction.
Human communication, particularly speech, is characteristically complicated, interpreted, controverted, and elaborated with tacit implications and messages, which include facial expressions, body language, and the tone and quality of voice (Riggio and Feldman, 2005). The emotional condition of the sender or speaker can be comprehended every so often regardless of the degree in which the receiver can understand them; or, even if the sender's words are not understood at all (Haskard, 2008). A number of emotive manifestations are common to every individual; thus, regardless how subtle emotional expressions are demonstrated, they are yet construed at a considerable level. As a matter of fact, even infants act in response to vocal tones (Grossman et al., 2005; Funnell et al., 2008). Understated components of communication influencing emotional involvement are put across by means of vocal persuasiveness and sensitivity to vocal tone (Choi et al., 2005). Speech is particularly crucial in nursing practice in that, it could oftentimes become extremely complicated given that aside from the words being used, it also takes in vocal pitch and tone, choice of words, rate and volume, and the application of pauses (Funnell et al., 2008), all of which deliver information about the speaker’s message.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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